Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Photo Blogpost.

Mummy and Daddy were looking at the photos they had taken of me and thought that they better upload them, so here are few of their favourites:

I LOVE bath time! It is so much fun to splish and splash!

While Mummy had to work, Daddy and I went out for the day. We went for a really nice walk up Kinnoull Hill. I think it was hard work for Daddy, but it was really good to see him at the top.

This is banana apparently...

... it does not taste so good!

I'm starting to quite like Petit Filous though! and I'm even learning to open my mouth so it is easier for Mummy and Daddy to get the food in.

I did say I'm learning - I'm not quite there yet!

A wee while ago Mummy and Daddy headed out for a coffee. I was quite kind and slept while they enjoyed their coffee...

... but then it was time to play!

These are the most recent photos and Mummy is very proud that I can now sit up playing with my toys unaided for quite a while. She puts the soft pillow behind me because sometimes I get a bit carried away and try and stretch for something beyond my reach and need a soft landing. It's great being able to play in this way!

 Hope you enjoyed founding out about what I've been up to!

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  1. how completely ADORABLE is he!!! aaahhhh! so cute, Kaz, he's getting so big.