Monday, February 28, 2011

AHHHHHH! That Feels Better!

We've had some fabulous weather this weekend and so outdoor walking became on the agenda in order to get some happy pills called sunshine!


Al went to the club session first thing and came home full of the joys of sunshine so after lunch we all headed out for a great 5 mile tromp around the Knock plus various other trails. I wanted a workout after doing nothing last week so poor Al had to endure the embarrassment of walking with me pushing the buggy up hills sweating away while he sauntered along! He totally dies if we meet anybody (especially any older couples) and I have to proclaim: "It's my turn for a workout!" to save his blushes - hee hee! Anyway a workout it was, as Murray is so heavy in that buggy and some of the hills are killer steep (I did actually need Al's help at one point!)

Murray seemed to love the sun as well because he giggled the whole way round!


On Sunday I had to work as it is the end of the month and the accounts needed doing, but thanks to being super organised last time I had actually done half of what I needed to do so I was finished at lunch time. My mum, being the superstar she is, happily offered to baby sit in the afternoon to let Al and I get out for a proper hike. We headed up Kilskenneth Cairn the long way round via Loch Turret shore line, returning via the direct /shorter route down.

The Walk in along the Loch

It was an absolutely cracking day despite a stiff wind and both Al and I were warm going up. Just before we got to the summit though a big grey cloud was whipped in by the wind and it started snowing (gotta love Scottish weather) but it was short lived and we were able hide behind the Cairn and enjoy a coffee (so glad I threw the flask in).

Half way up

From Behind The Summit Cairn

I'm really pleased with this photo as it has captured the layers of mountains out in the distance.

Had a quiet contemplation about Simon, one of our club members, who passed away very suddenly nearly 3 years ago and whose ashes are scattered there as it was his favourite run. It is such a beautiful spot and I used to love running up there on a regular basis. I have to make do with walking at the mo' but it really, really lifted my spirits and refreshed me. I LOVE the mountains and it felt so good to be up there. I was pretty tired when we got down, but it was worth it.

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  1. amazing what a little sunshine will do for you!