Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exercise, Sacro Cranial + Work


I've been really struggling with motivation recently. During the week it has been really hard to get any exercise as I've had to give up the bike as well as running at the moment. I can get out to the gym first thing on a Wednesday as Al is working from home so doesn't need to leave at 6.50am. Usually mum comes to let me go to the gym on a Monday, but the snow put a hold on that the other week as travel was a bit tricky. I wish I could say I was motivated enough to go both Sat and Sun, but to be honest by Saturday I'm often exhausted and I just want to catch up with Al and as it is his day to get exercise, if I did too, we'd just pass Murray from one to the other. So for about 3 weeks I've really struggled with maybe a couple of gym sessions and a couple of walks with the buggy at most. Having said that, this week is proving to be better as I've already done the following:

Mon: 40 mins pilates (abs, arms, full body and stretch) + 60min gym session (equiv to about 7 miles)
Tue: 40 mins pilates (abs, legs, FB + stretch) + 3 mile walk with buggy
Wed: 60 mins gym (~ 7 miles) + 10 min ab work
Thurs: 40 mins pilates (abs, arms, FB + stretch)

As you can see I've really stepped up the ab work as I'm trying to really strengthen them to support my pelvis. I'll let you know after a few weeks if I think it is helping.

Mum is coming to let me go to the gym tomorrow as she is free and I will get to the gym on Sunday (Al gets out on a Saturday). I also hope to repeat the pilates as of Tuesday.

I think I've needed some easier weeks as I've been in a lot of pain, but I must admit I've found it frustrating that I've been completed tied by the availability of someone else to baby sit, or have to make do with a walk with the buggy. My motivation has had a boost this week, but it is hard doing just cross training. It is usually a means to an end until you can return to running after an injury, or to give the mind and body a break from 100% running, but at the moment I just don't know how long it will go on for!

Sacro Cranial

I've been taking Murray to Sacro Cranial again on account of his very flat head. She makes sure the plates aren't fusing in the flattened position. In addition I have bought a pillow for him at night to take the pressure off his head. It is making a massive difference already. When I was there I asked Fiona if she could help with some of my pain and she said she could, so I booked in to see her tomorrow. I have seen some improvement recently from simply staying off the bike, but I could really do with even more improvement, so fingers crossed.


I'm just in on a Wednesday at the mo and OMG thank the lord I am. I am shattered every Thursday and I am NOT looking forward to when I have to repeat the whole process on a Thursday. It doesn't help that one of the few days I get to exercise is a Wed, as Al is working from home and doesn't have to leave at his usual 6.50am. While this is great in terms of exercise, it does mean that I am up at 5-5.30am with Murray, at the gym 7 - 8 am and then come home and look after Murray until 1.30pm whereupon I leave for work and get home about 10 - 10.30pm. After a cup of tea I'll crash to bed and then before I know it 5am (or earlier at the moment) comes round again! It is really hard going and by the last session (which ironically usually has my students who require more brain power) I am gubbed and feel like I am really struggling. I'm hoping it'll get easier. It hasn't helped that this week Murray has been full of the cold, so in addition to it disturbing his night sleeping (awake at 3am this morning needing cuddles), he was so stuffed he didn't want to go for a morning nap yesterday and thus was tired and cranky all morning.

Hoping that wasn't a really negative blog! I am really pleased with my pilates improvement and at least I can do gym work. I'm also glad to see Murray's head re-shaping. I really do try to remember the positives in my life - I don't always succeed, but I do really try!

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  1. I completely forgot to go back and comment on this. You'll find a routine - I'm sure. Things get easier :)