Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Swing!

Al and I went for a walk from the house yesterday afternoon and on the way back we came through the village play park and put Murray into the swing! He seemed to really love it! Here are some photos and a wee video shot!




It was a pretty good week last week:
M: 3.5-4 mile walk with buggy
T: 1 hour gym + Abs
W: 1 hour swim (only just got to 100 lengths as the pool was like a hot tub - something wrong with the temp guage - HORRID!)
Th: 50 mins Pilates
F: 1 hour gym + Abs
Sun: 20 mins Pilates + 5 mile walk with buggy.
I make that between 27 and 28 mile week.

Will try to get more pilates this week and hit the 30 miles, but I really have to just go with how I'm feeling everyday.

Sacrocranial - I do think the sacrocranial is helping. It's a slow process, but I do think it is doing some good.


  1. You're a little machine. Although I think you should change the blog title to "The adventures of Murray" xx

  2. Thanks Debs. You have a point - not much adventure in my life at the mo' except for the adventure of parenthood! Best of luck for your big race.