Wednesday, September 19, 2012

35 Weeks today + Buggy Purchased.

Today I hit 35 weeks. Time seems to have slowed right down and the next few weeks seem like they will never end - can't believe I was still working this time last time - I had one more week to go! I suppose I didn't have a toddler to look after and entertain too and could put my feet up before work if I wanted to. My skin feels like it is going to split open at any moment so I'm moisturising like a demon. I truly feel like I cannot grow any bigger, but as I've still a few more weeks to go, I guess I will. UGHHHHH!

I'm really hoping to get some regular swimming again now that we have the house pretty well sorted. I am so wiped out after a day of house reorganising that swimming has just had to be postponed for the past week or so - of course it doesn't help that we've all had the cold too. Despite an absolutely awful night's sleep (awake at 2.30 and couldn't get back to slep until 4.30/5am I ot up when my alarm went off at 6.15 and went for  a swim (90 lengths). My back really loves me to go swimming as it is the only relief I get. Had physio today at Thompson Therapy and she has relieved the shoulder and lower back ache for now, but the mid back pain is still there and basically that is going to be that way to end due to the way the baby lieing and the fact that I am so out front - joy! She worked on the pubis bone to unstick it and the round ligaments too and it has given me some relief from the feeling of the belly literally siting on the pubis bone. She hopes that will hold for the next month or so, but can't be sure. time will see. All I know is that despite getting some relief from that I am still extraordinarily uncomfortable tonight.

On Sunday I managed to track down a 2nd hand Phil and Teds buggy for sale relatively locally, so in the pm we hotfooted it round to view it and buy it. I'm really pleased as included in the price was a double rain cover; double suncover; sleeping bag and 2 panniers. The latter are really useful as the buggy is not ideal for hanging your change bag over the handle as the bag then hangs down over the second seat. I wouldn't have bought them though as they are fairly expensive by themselves, so feel like I've got a real bargain. Murray loved it too which is a bonus.

Here's me a at 35 weeks with Murray

Here's me with Babba 2

More front on like above

Check out the side on view!

OOOOFFFFF! I am a stuffed Christmas bird!

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  1. Looking amazing!! Not too long to go now :-)