Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarah's Wedding + 33 Weeks.

On Sunday we were at my gorgeous friend's wedding. Sarah was one of my bridesmaids, so it was absolutely fantastic to be there and be part of her 'bridal brigade'. Below is a pic of us waiting outside for the gorgeous bride to arrive. 

After a frantic search about a week before the wedding I got this dress. It was hugely long so during the week I had to get it taken up by 4 inches - I'm such a shrimp! It was really stretchy material so was really comfy all day. I was fairly impressed with myself that I lasted in my sparkly heels all day although I was doing ALOT of sitting down and my poor feet were pretty swollen by the time we limped off to the car!

Murray did really well and lasted until 9.15pm, but by that time he was actually relieved to be put into his pyjamas for the drive home. I have to say that Al did a fantastic job running after Murray all day as he was in hyper tired mode all day after only have 30 mins kip in the car en route to the wedding.

Top tip for helping a hyper wee boy sit for longer in their high chair over the meal (in addition to the fortuitous aid of Murray experiencing chips and ketchup for the first time) - take a few bits of brio train track, some blocks to make a bridge and several trains. Genius - kept him there for quite some time. Of course the kids toy boxes that Sarah provided helped too.

The pic below is at the end of the ceremony while the bride and groom signed the register and Murray, as you can see, is just desperate to run off. The pic before this had his shirt around his neck!!! Boy he was a handful. Snacks managed to save the day and kept him put long enough to let me watch my friend say 'I do'.

33 Weeks

Today I hit 33 weeks.

I'm very uncomfortable at night but actually the last 2 nights have been  reasonable and on Monday night I got 5 hours straight for the first time in weeks.

The weight of the baby actually takes my breath away as I stand up out of bed!

Swimming is blissful and weightless and I'm still hitting 100 lengths. I'm managing about 3 times / week and that is enough. General housework, looking after Murray etc causes me to be in quite a bit of pain so I have to save my energy to be able to do it.

It was great not to have to go to work tonight, but it has not sunk in that I don't have to do it again ever!

Time is ticking on, but I still can't fully get my head round another wee nipper is coming along! We bought a box of newborn nappies on Monday and I think I really need to start getting my hospital bags organised. Al has taken a long weekend this weekend and we are really hoping to get the house fully organised and more baby stuff down from the attic as I definitely feel like I'm on borrowed time!

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