Saturday, September 15, 2012

34 Weeks; Nesting

I hit 34 weeks on Wed.

My stomach now feels like it is ready to rip open. I feel so bruised around my belly button and lifting Murray is really not any fun at all.

It's been a tough week as Murray has had a cold and has been up during the night and now it appears he is incapable of sleeping past 6am.

I got for a swim on Wed (75 lengths which was plenty) and had planned to go today (Sat), but was pretty wiped out and knew I had house cleaning on the agenda so ditched the idea, and plan to go tomorrow instead.


I am in mega nest mode. Last weekend my folks looked after Murray a bit so Al and I could get storage sorted and baby stuff down from the loft and this weekend they've taken him again and I am in mega nest clean mode.

The kitchen has been scrubbed within an inch of its life, as has the living room. I have to say it feels sooo good to just have all those jobs you put off/ daren't do with a toddler running around, done. I'm so glad to have all our storage sorted. I couldn't face a winter with a toddler and baby and trying to find winter kit and gloves to get out the door. There really is nothing more cathartic than having a mega clear out.

Phil and Teds Buggy

I really want a Phil and Teds double buggy. We can't afford a brand new one, so I've been on the second hand sites and thought we had one, but unfortunately missed out. I still have a few weeks to get one, but I definitely feel like time is running out especially as I feel like I'm on borrowed time most days!

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