Monday, September 3, 2012

A Stay at Home Mum - Yikes!

So, over the summer I have been in discussion with a buyer for my business and as of the 1st September (Sat), Kip McGrath, Kirkcaldy is no longer owned and run by me. I am now officially a stay at home mum for the next wee while. We are not sure for how long, but certainly for the next year. I am terrified at the thought of no income and a little sad at saying farewell (for now) to my career, but super, super excited about being able to be a full time mum to my soon to be 2 kiddies (yikes again) without having to juggle running a business too.
Last maternity leave it was possible to manage the juggle as when Murray slept I could do things, but with 2, I just feel like it would be too much of a juggle of everything and I don't want to look back in a few years and regret missing my babies developing.
I am under no illusions that there will be days where I wish I was heading off to work, and probably in a year finances will force that situation, but for now I am excited not to have responsibility for 6 staff and 60+ students resting on my shoulders. 2 kiddies under 3 is enough thanks! At least I know I have a super hubby who shares parental duties with me so that we can both get out for exercise, so I know if I need a wee break to recharge the mummy batteries, I WILL get one.

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks and 5 days. In general it has been a better week. I'm getting loads of Braxton Hicks and they hurt. Standing / walking for longer than 10 mins is pretty rough as it triggers more or my back starts killing me, but we are plodding on and by making sure I rest when I can, I can manage it all. I got my bloods redone this week and the good news my iron level are up - not fully, but on the up so that's good. The test showed my platelets (responsible for clotting) to have dropped again though which happens to some women in some pregnancies apparently. They are 109 and apparently the docs prefer them to be above 100, so I have to have my bloods done again in 2 weeks to see if they've dropped again. I'm not totally sure what happens if they have, but I'll guess I'll find out in due course if that is the case.

Murray is SO funny at times and I had to record these 2 crackers from him today:
1) while Al and I were trying to have a conversation, Murray was getting v annoyed at no attention so was swapping between spinning around in circles and grabbing at my legs, both while yelling 'mummy, mummy'. I finally got a bit impatient and told him off and before I could even ask he says: 'Oooh, little bit sorry! Little bit sorry, mummy!' Priceless!
2) While in Primark this am trying to buy some trousers, Murray had had enough, so I explained we needed to pay and then we'd get lunch, so as I push him in the buggy towards the cash desk he motions with both arms and legs to all in front of us, and yells full tilt: 'Out of the way! Get out of the way!' Mortified!

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