Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Boy - 2 Years Old!

On Sunday it was Murray's second birthday. I can't believe my wee baby boy is 2 years old! I felt a little bit emotional when I woke up in the morning. His face was full of smiles when I went to get him up and sang him Happy Birthday.

We came downstairs and had a birthday breakfast of pancakes and blueberries and then, after a 20 minute tantrum (well he had turned 2 after all) that only once he'd calmed down did we work out was about wearing a certain shirt, we headed off to church with him proudly wearing his 2 today badge and the shirt he was so desperate to wear!

After church I quickly decorated the cake and got the last things together before my folks, my sis and bro in law and my friend Emily with her boys arrived (Al's folks were staying with us). Murray had a mountain of presents and was a bit overwhelmed by them all, but really loved his wheelbarrow and immediately started pushing it around and his tiger camping chair on which he sat really quickly and watched presents being opened.
Helping Mummy open presents

Wanting to play with my wheel barrow straight away!

Sitting in my camp chair watching my presents being opened. Thanks, Aunty Helen and Uncle Ian.

Once the presents were opened, Murray and Emily's boys (5 and 2) had their birthday lunch and cake. Too funny. I was concentrating so hard on getting the kids their food and giving ourselves enough time to get them into their fancy dress outfits that I wasn't thinking about how big a piece of cake I was cutting Murray. As a result he had the biggest piece of cake he has EVER had, but boy did he tuck into it. He couldn't finish it bless him, but Harry and Finlay chowed down and seemed pretty chuffed that they got equally big bits! LOL. Emily and I were laughing so hard when I said later that I hadn't realised it was so big until Murray was holding it. She had thought at the time it was pretty big, but thought OK as Karen is OK with that, my boys can give it  a go! LOL! Ah well!

Yeah, yeah, mummy, enough of the family shot, that cake looks goo-ood!

Look at the size of that wedge of cake! LOL!

After lunch the boys got into their fancy dress outfits so they could join in with the village gala week parade. Harry was the animal man, Finlay a monster and Murray a builder. We were really lucky as the parade was actually dry (first time in 6 years) and it was so fun to see some of Murray's toddler friends dressed up too and walk behind the pipe band. My sis and bro in law joined us in the parade while the grandparents waited at our house (we walk right past it) and took photos as we went by. We were going to wait for the prizes, but as a huge rain cloud appeared and threatened to open (which it did 2 secs after we got back in) we made a quick decision to head home as Murray was shattered by then anyway. 

Heading to the parade in my builder outfit.

The Pipe Band

Here comes the parade.

While Murray napped, all the adults ate and before we knew it was time to get Murray up from his nap to have a play with Harry and Finlay before they had to head home. The sun was back out by then, so we able to head out into the garden. It was so lovely having Harry and Finlay over to celebrate Murray's birthday. They were so good and made it an extra special day for him.

Playing with my new wheelbarrow and watering can.

By the time everyone had gone home we were all shattered including poor wee Murray.He was so tired that when he popped a balloon by leaning on it which resulted in him landed square on his head on the patio he just couldn't be consoled - he has a cracking few bruises though to be fair. Eventually he calmed down while watching his Thomas DVD and it was an early bed time for a shattered wee 2 year old. Can't say his mummy was too far behind him!!!

Mummy and daddy working hard to stop my tears after my big wipe out. Playing with my new blocks (thanks Struan).

Wearing my new Octonauts backpack (thanks, Harry and Finlay) and playing with my balloons although being a bit more careful not to pop it and land on my head again!

Happy 2nd Birthday , my special wee boy. 

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