Thursday, July 12, 2012

25 weeks, Nanna's Op + Dinner Time Troubles

This week's exercise has been going well:

Tues: 4.5 mile hike
(my stomach was feeling a bit grippy and couldn't face the gym/bike, plus it was NOT raining for a change although it cam on for the last mile and so once out of the trees I got a smidge wet getting back to the car!)

Wed: 110 lengths (~5.5 miles) swimming

Thursday: 50 mins gym (~4.5 miles) + 10 mins conditioning
It was HARD to get up for this workout as Murray had been chatting from 5am and therefore I'd had no sleep from then. I find an early doors swim fine, but early doors at the gym is REALLY tough. I've also been super hungry all day since and a bit ick. I don't think I pushed too hard, but possibly after a busy day yesterday, my body is trying to tell me to sit on my butt!

Over the weekend I plan to get in another swim - Update: Swim done on Sunday am: 110 lengths. Had my bloods repeated at docs on Fri as still v breathless and finding workouts on land in particular v v tough. Iron had dropped at last midwife appointment so she said to go to doc if still felt tired in a week. Will find out tomorrow if I need Iron or not.

Nana's Op and 'opital trip'

My mum had a knee op on Tues, so yesterday Murray and I drove over to Glasgow to visit her. I was dreading Murray destroying the hospital and annoying everyone else on the ward, but actually mum had her own room and as such I could close the door ad contain him. He was very good actually and enjoyed reading  the hospital book I had borrowed form the library to take with us. Mum was quite tired when we arrived, but after a confidence boosting visit from the physio to help her use her zimmer, she perked up a bit. Well done nanna, you'll be running after Murray in no time at all!

As I was in Glasgow, 2 of my girlfriends who still live there came out to the hospital to catch up with Murray and me. It was lovely to see them and the new environment seemed to help contain Murray - we only had a few chasing after moments! The down side was I plied him with so many snacks he barely ate any dinner at all! LOL! It was worth it though to see mum's face when we arrived and to catch up with my friends that I hardly ever see these days.

Dinner Time Troubles

On the subject of dinner, we've been having a few battles recently. Lunch seems to be OK, but by dinner we are getting a lot of the following:

'tired mummy' along with head resting in dramatic fashion on hand.

'cuddle mummy' and when I say cuddle after dinner, 'cuddle daddy'

'don't like it'; 'finished'; followed by 'yoghurt' : Cheeky monkey!!!

I have no issue with him not finishing his dinner, but he needs to at least have a go. The past few days I've taken a  stand and made him eat a portion of it - eg if omlette - 1/3 on a seperate plate or pasta - again 1/3 to 1/2 in a separate bowl so he's not overwhelmed. Only when he's given that a really good go is he allowed to get down. It took a while the first night, but has been more successful since. If he's not 'hungry' enough to want a big dinner then he clearly isn't hungry enough for yoghurt! Oh I'm such a crabby mummy, but I'm getting sick of making meals that are nibbled at. Ah the trials of mummy hood! ;-)


  1. Why not try making his dinner look fun? You can cut sandwiches into fun shapes using cookie cutters, or make funny faces out of mash, sausages and peas, etc... These meals seem to go down a treat with my niece. Hope this helps :)

  2. Breakfasts are always difficult with my wee one. Feeding is such a challenge. It was so much simpler when it was just milk! ha ha. Hope dinner-time improves for you.

    1. That's v true Vicky - suddenly you need to cart around an entire meal, not just milk, but it does eventually get easier when they can eat most things, although not on your bank balance!!!!! I usually still cart around a picnic bag, but if you are caught out, it is not such a panic. we had to stand firm again tonight, but it had quicker results and the lasagne was mostly eaten! Can't believe Annabel has got that old already - so fast! Hope your ankles are doing better.