Monday, July 23, 2012

Anaemic; Last Week of T2 + Holiday

I got my bloods back today and I am anaemic, hence the gym feeling so blooming awful and feeling so tired ALL the time. As for going up stairs too fast - woah!

Apparently, although not the lowest count the doc has ever seen, my haemoglobin had dropped by 25% from T1 which was why I was feeling it significantly. He explained a dtop of that much over such a short time, really knocks your system out of whack! I am now on Iron tablets 3x/day, so hopefully I'll start to feel better, although he did say it can take a few weeks to properly take effect. He also said to take it a bit easy in the mean time so, I better be a good girl and do as I'm told. Actually truth told I felt so awful yesterday and today, there has been no chance of pushing too hard and doing a workout! We'll see how we go tomorrow, but I think it will either be a steady walk or a shortened workout or pilates. We'll see as I need to get the house sorted and bags packed for going on hol on Wed and just doing that can wipe me out at the mo'! He also said, getting too warm will make me feel worse are blood vessels dilate, which explains why swimming isn't as tough on my as the gym! V v frustrating indeed!  Hey ho!

UPDATE: Totally CANNOT exercise. I'm out of breath and light headed just plodding around. It is just not happening, so I'm going to just enjoy my holiday and hope the Iron kicks in soon and once I feel better I can get back on the horse so to speak. I hate not getting exercise as my back is aching already although that may just be ready to happen anyway as Murray is so heavy now and my stomach just cannot support the weight.


We go on holiday on Wednesday. We are heading up North to stay with friends near Tain about 30 mins north of Inverness for 2 nights and then heading a little further North to a caravan site where we have booked a caravan for 3 nights. The site is right on a gorgeous beach, so hopefully it will be dry and Murray can go wild on the beach, but if not the site has a swimming pool and children's play areas, so we should be OK.

It'll just be really lovely to see our friends and to have a change in scenery! Oh and not have to load the washing machine and dishwasher yet another time!!!!! A nice way to celebrate end of T2!

UPDATE: Murray has an ear infection so was up through the night with a high temp. We were meant to leave to day but postponed it until tomorrow as we are all knackered; I needed to take him to the docs to get antibiotics and as a result of my anaemia I am struggling to get everything packed up - it is all so exhausting and frustrating. Hopefully we'll all feel better soon!

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