Tuesday, July 10, 2012

24 week Comparison Photos.

Here's me at early 24 weeks with Murray:

Here's me at 24 weeks 6 days with babba #2:

Still a little lower but not much difference and there is almost a week in it. I feel HUGE, but I read back and felt huge at this time last time too! I need my belly support that my physio gave me for hiking and the x trainer. It makes a big difference. I was out for a good hike today and it really helped. I just can't get my head round getting bigger, but I KNOW it happens. I am NOT looking forward to it at all!!!! I am on my 'pregnant' chair and the sofa is out of bounds! Anyhoo - better head to bed as I plan an early swim tomorrow. 25 weeks tomorrow.

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  1. I remember feeling huge and knowing that I was only going to get bigger. As you know, afterwards being so big will just become a memory though. Amazing how similar your bumps are.