Friday, June 29, 2012

23 Weeks + End of Term

It's finally the end of term - hoorah!

I hit 23 weeks on Wednesday, 24 next week when the baby becomes viable - that's quite cool. I also see the midwife next week for my 24 week appointment which will be nice as I love getting to hear the heart beat. I guess once you can feel them moving the kicks give you reassurance, but there is something v comforting about hearing that heart beat. I felt baby move for definite just after the 20 week scan, so pretty much identical timing to last time, but to be honest I was pretty sure I had already felt babba move, but it was those gentle flutterings that you are never sure for definite are not just your gut protesting! LOL! I can't believe they are the baby until I've seen it moving on the scan and know it's OK.

It's Murray's 2nd Birthday on Sunday, so today has been spent buying food and cleaning the house! Hoping we get nice weather and I'll do a post about that next week.

I bought Murray his 4th pair of shoes today. Rather annoyingly I had to pay the full price of £30 (when I've got the previous 3 at £4, £6 and £10 respectively), but as he had gone from a 4.5 to a 5.5 I felt it would be a bit unfair to leave him hobbling on his tippy toes while I searched for another bargain. Just unfortunate that there were none on special in his size and width. I also got him some new wellie boots as it would seem that the rain will NEVER stop!

Today's fun also included trying to get a pee sample from Murray to check that that is not the reason for his temperatures he's been having.. The doc gave me this pretty useful bag that sticks over his bits and stays inside the nappy until you've collected enough you can transfer to a sample bottle. The only downside was he hadn't done enough wee when he pooped, so I had to delightfully clean the bag of poo as well as his butt! Finally got enough after lunch. Def a lot easier than chasing an un potty trained toddler around the house with a bottle! Having said that I could have just wrung out the mattress in the travel cot that he gets put in when he is naughty at bed time. He was being such a pest while I was trying to get him dressed into his pyjamas, so ended up in the naughty pen. SOOOO knew I should have got his nappy on him before I did that, but didn't and so, yes, returned to him standing in a pool of pee!!! I was actually quite glad he had produced a decent amount, because his nappy was still dry bone dry from his change after lunch - so 6 hours later and was getting little worried as he had been drinking! I think he's maybe getting close to potty training time, but Birthday first!

Tues: 50 mins gym + 10 mins conditioning ~ 4.5 miles
Wed: 110 lengths swimming ~ 5.5 miles
Friday: 110 lengths swimming ~ 5.5 miles

Saturday: Plan to go to the gym. ~ as per Tues.
Hoping my total will be ~20 miles. UPDATE: I did my 50 mins and 20 mins weights/conditioning.

Cannot believe my first wee baby is going to be 2 on Sunday!!!!!

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