Sunday, April 29, 2012

I used to be able to run

I've really struggled of late with not being able to run. Quite simply, I miss it. Nothing (apart from skiing) has ever come close to the feeling of freedom it gives you and the sense of equilibrium I feel post run. I know partly it is because I'm pregnant and hormones are never great, but it is hard when you come across pictures like the one below and remember: I used to be able to run. 

I love being a mummy and I love all my mummy friends, but it is hard being the odd ball who gets up at 6am to go to the gym. I miss being part of a community who get why you like to run through mud, snow and heather without having to explain why, but most of all I miss running through mud, snow and heather. 

Nothing I can do about it for the moment I suppose, I just have to keep hoping that some day post baby 2, I'll be able to run once more. There are days when it seems very unfair. I always try to focus on the fact I have the most beautiful child, but when I see all the mummies around me who have their beautiful child / ren and their sport, it can seem unfair. If that makes me a crappy mummy, so be it. 

Moan over, back to focussing on the positives. 

(I'm in the blue jacket at the front)

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