Tuesday, April 24, 2012

14 weeks tomorrow

Wow, I'm 14 weeks tomorrow. Generally I'm feeling a lot better, but Sunday was a bit rough. Al took Murray out to the park while I had a sit down and watch the London marathon and the next thing I knew they were coming through the door and I had crashed out and completely missed the elite athletes and actually a lot of the 'joe public'! Pregnancy is such a strange phenomenon! Despite feeling a bit rough on Sunday, I managed to get out for a 2.5 mile walk (that was def enough) in the afternoon which brought last weeks exercise up to 4 days, so I was really chuffed.

This week has started well yesterday with a great swim of 90 lengths. I really felt like I was swimming pretty normally, so that was great. I feel a lot more confident exercising this time as I know Murray was safe! I had physio today to make sure my coccyx stays put during this pregnancy as it is prone to re-dislocate during this pregnancy as the ligaments laxen, so as I was working this am and told not to exercise tonight I'll annoyingly have to wait until Friday to get in my next session ( another swim of at least 90 lengths). I'm hoping once my energy fully returns I can risk exercise on days I work, but at the mo' it's a no go!

Murray is really very chatty now and says all sorts of funny things. He said 2 classics today that I just have to write down for posterity:
At Church on Sunday we went up for communion, and as I received the host from the priest, Murray yells out:: 'Oh. biccy, mummy biccy, yummy!' It took me all my restraint to not burst out laughing!
Then when we got back, Al took him out to the park, as I was feeling a bit rough. While Murray was on the swings a really noisy kid got on the swing next to him. Al said, Murray being Murray smiled and tried to make friends, but after not being heard over the noise, turned to Al, shook his head and said: 'noisy, noisy'. Priceless!
He also says sorry now which is just too cute!

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