Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Break Starts with A Roar at Blair Drummond Safari!

Al's folk's celebrated their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary on the 30th March, so had booked themselves into a hotel in Edinburgh for a few nights and as they were within easy reach we all met up at Blair Drummond Safari Park to start of the holiday with a roar! Murray loved seeing all the big animals like camels, tigers and elephants from the car, but nearly wet his pants at being able to get close up to the smaller animals in the enclosures. We especially loved the Sea Lions and Meercats. There was also a really good little petting farm.

After lunch, Al and his dad took Murray to play in the pirate ship play park. Al said Murray was so excited about all the different things he would barely get to one before he had to set off to another thing! LOL! Bless - we'll just have to go back another time. It was a really a great way to start the hols, especially as Murray reall recognised Al's folks this time even though he doesn't get to see them that often. We're going over to Belfast in May so hopefully Murray will still remember how to say: 'hello Grandma' and 'hello Grandad' which he said repeatedly on Saturday much to their delight! It was really lovely to hear / see!

Hello Grandad!

Loving The Seal Lions

Seemples: Mercats!

Meercat Digging a Hole!

The Wildest Animal in the Park! Such a Cutie!

Petting Eeyore's Cousin!

After a Refreshing nap in the car, I had a lovely play with Grandma and Granddad at my house before they had to go back to Edinburgh. I'm looking forward to going in the big boat to Northern Ireland in May.

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