Sunday, April 29, 2012

14 miles for week 14!

This week's exercise:
Mon : 90 lengths (equiv to 4 miles)
Fri: 3 mile hike (had planned to swim, but was feeling a bit rough so had to settle for a hike)
Sat: 3 mile hike
Sun: 45 min gym session (equiv to 4 miles)

The gym workout today felt good. It was nice to properly move my body. Murray got us up at 6am and I thought I'd take advantage, have a light breakfast of fruit and go fairly soon after. That worked out well this morning so fingers crossed for another day. My digestion is just so badly affected by pregnancy that I'm still at the stage where if I eat 'too much' (eg a whole sandwich) it sits in my stomach for HOURS! I'm not even big yet!

After the gym, I got to head down to town for a child free shopping trip. I was just about to pull in to the parking lot and realised it was still closed. Ha ha, I'd arrived in town before the shops even opened! Now that was a first! It was however a perfect excuse to have a relaxing cup of tea without having to provide an entertainment service at the same time. I sat back and read a magazine! Finally at 11, most of the shops opened. Unfortunately the choice of maternity wear was pretty rubbish.  Shopping as a 5ft shrimp is bad enough - throw into the mix pregnancy and it's not likely your going to find much. The shop I wanted to go to didn't open until later so I'll have to go another day. I did have jeans for last pregnancy but they are huge and mega stretched so I won't be able to wear them for a while, but meanwhile my makeshift elastic band fastening is starting to dig in when I sit down! None the less it was nice to have some mummy time out!

Murray is napping just now, but this afternoon we are going to one of his friend's 2nd birthday party. There is a farmyard theme so he is going dressed as a sheep! Should be quite funny!

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