Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lurgies and random pics.

It has been a tough 3 weeks since Aviemore. In addition to Murray deciding to become v naughty, Al and I have had a plethora of lurgies. I really can't be bothered with being sick. I find it such a big waste of time, but sick, the 2 of us have been. Mother's Day was rubbish as Al was, in bed shivering with a temperature, sick and Murray was being a nightmare! We've abandoned the naughty step for the mo' as he was getting far too much attention when running off it for 20 mins plus (yes 20 minutes +). He thought it was a great game to hide behind the table etc etc. Nightmare! We've gone back to time out in his travel cot as he can be left quite calmly for 2 minutes without my blood pressure hitting the ceiling!

Any way, by keeping Murray uber occupied, I have made it through a better week and now only have 1 more week of work until the Easter break and I have to say, it simply cannot come soon enough. Al is taking the second week off so with the Easter bank hols will have 10 days off which will be really nice.

Murray and I went to Deep Sea World yesterday for my friend's eldest's 5th birthday. It was great. Murray loved it and literally ran from tank to tank to see the different fish. The only snag was the low down tanks in which they have 'touch the fish' sessions as he thought they were a swimming pool for him to jump into and every time I lifted him up to see better, he'd shout: ready, steady, go and try to jump out of my arms into the tank (we do ready steady jump into the pool when we go swimming). Boy that boy is strong - I had to grip him tightly so I didn't end up with one soggy toddler! The other tough moment was with those stupid ride along machines - why do they always have them? Trying to get him off was a ruddy nightmare. Fortunately it was close to leaving, so it was relatively short lived. It was so lovely to go celebrate H's birthday and to see his brother (my God son) as I haven't seen them since October-ish. We were both shattered when we left and I must admit I was v jealous of Murray sleeping in the car on the way home as it was a busy morning. I made a good decision to go home via my folks, which meant I could at least get a cup of tea. Well worth it though. I will definitely take him again.

We got Murray measured for new shoes today. He is now a 41/2F (same width fitting, but longer) and managed to get another bargain. £10 for this pair compared to £32 for the new season ones!

Here are some random pics taken over the past week or so:

'Bouncing up and down on the Big Red Tractor'

Painting cards for the Grandma and Nanna for Mother's Day. I actually caught him mid 'Ta Da!'

Drawing on the chalk board.

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