Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Galore!

It snowed a little on Friday night; then a little more on Saturday and on Sunday we woke up to quite a bit of snow and it then proceeded to continue to fall all day, so by the time we went to bed it was really deep. I was so glad Al was working from home on Monday as it was total chaos with buses and trains. Then yesterday afternoon the snow started again and the snow we have woken to this morning is just amazing. Thank God Al's boss emailed him to tell him just to work form home for the next few days! I have to admit it is just lovely having him here in the morning before 9am and after 5pm. He was super kind and let me out for a run at lunch time too which was fantastic to get out in the daylight and the snow. It makes such a difference and it is so nice for Al to see so much more of Murray.

Our Back Garden

I took Murray out for a walk around the village in the sling this afternoon as he had been inside all day and I think it is really important he gets fresh air everyday. He screamed blue murder at getting all his clothes on but once we were out seemed quite happy.

We had to take a wee trip up to Crieff yesterday and when we drove home Murray had fallen asleep all bundled up in his snow suit and I just could resist taking a photo or two. Call me biased if you like but ... sooooo cute!

Exercise + Feeling Blue

After such a great week, last week was not great. I think I pushed myself a bit hard running with my friend and so my rehabilitation took a bit of a knock. V frustrating and I actually felt a little depressed about it to be honest. I guess beforehand you just cannot know what the after effects of a complicated labour can be. I know really that I'm actually very lucky as things could have been a lot worse, but it was all a bit brutal none the less. I think I was so frustrated as I've been so diligent in taking things steady and not pushing too hard and I just felt like I'm never going to have my body back to full throttle. It didn't help of course that I also found a lump in my breast last week, so to be honest I just felt like a bit of a wreck. I've been referred to PRI for scans etc. I'm sure it's an after effect of breast feeding but until I know for sure it just sits there on your mind. I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about this or not, but someone in my running club has been really open about a lump she found (been given the all clear thank goodness) but her honesty reminded me to phone the doc straight away and if my honesty can do the same for some one else then that can only be a good thing. That goes for any post labour problems. I'm so glad that 1) I have 2 friends that are physios so I could ask for advice straight away and 2) I asked to be referred back to doc and physio straight away because I'm petty sure that if I hadn't, I wouldn't be as far along as I am. I sometimes feel that so many women are able to get straight back on the horse, so to speak, and are back to full on training so quickly which is so great for them, but I wonder how many other women feel a bit blue that 5 months down the road they still feel a bit broken - so if my honesty helps others to know they are not the only one then - great! I'm feeling a lot better after a good few days of rest; a trip to the doc to ensure I hadn't done any damage and a gentle run in the snow today with no problems. It'll also serve as a good reminder for me in the future if we are ever blessed with another baby.

Anyhoo we are off to Belfast (snow permitting) on Thursday to see Al's parents. We are looking forward to it and I know they can't wait to see the wee dude.


  1. In hindsight, if I were to give myself some advice post-baby, I would have been easier on myself and just enjoyed being a Mum. I was way too fanatical about getting back to pre-Cairn shape and fitness.

    I hope you get the all clear too. I'm sure it's just a blocked milk-duct, but best to get it checked.

    Great pictures of Murray. He's just a mini-Al :-)

  2. Murrays first snow? So cute. Aww it will get better. In no time you'l be back.