Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flat Tyres Galore!

This week has been the week of flat tyres. On Monday I had a flat front wheel on the buggy while I pushed Murray around Gleneagles golf course so Al fixed it for me so I could run with the buggy on the Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I drove up to my baby Massage class and when I got there I realised I had a flat (how it didn't blow on the 30 minute motorway drive I have no idea - phew) and then today I had another buggy flat - left back - so pushing Murray around the shops was made even harder than normal - MY GOD - tres annoying!


so far, so good:
Mon:60 min spin + 3 mile walk with buggy ~ 9 miles
Tue: 20 min pilates + 5 mile run with buggy
Wed: 30mins pilates
Thur: 60min spin ~ 6 miles
Fri: 6 mile hill run with mate Liz - phew, tough! + 10 mins Pilates
Total so far: 26 miles + 60 mins pilates

I'm swopping my usual Sat for Sun as I'm tired and sore from today and want things to settle again. If I feel like it I will try to do some pilates too - that all depends on if I'm no longer sore; if I am, then I will rest.

Murray's First Certificate

Murray and I completed our baby massage class this week. It was such a good class. Jenni, our instructor, was excellent and I found it a really enjoyable 1.5 hours to unwind and enjoy a really special time with Murray.


Al and I took Murray swimming last Saturday, but unfortunately went at kids' hour and he hated it as it was so noisy. He really startles at noises so it was no surprise really. I did feel like an awful mummy! On Monday I met my mum at her club in the morning and I tried again. He wasn't crying this time - just back to the non plussed look he demonstrated in Aviemore! I'm hoping he will graduate to enjoyment at some point!

Bouncy Chair

We tried Murray in one of his door hanging bouncy chairs (we've kindly been donated 3) today. He seemed to quite enjoy it. Al and I found it hilarious as the ties were a bit twisted when we first put him in so he did a mega spiral spin and his face was priceless - I so wished we had had a camera on him at the time! It is a great device as it has a wee tray that you can put toys on - I can see this being invaluable. I'm going to use the other 2 upstairs so I have something with which to entertain him when I'm doing housework upstairs. Thanks everyone!


  1. It's a jolly jumper!! :) I think my husband had something similar when he was a baby, sans tray. His mum loved it even more than he did :) Your workouts are amazing - especially since that Scottish weather is heading into it's not too user friendly season!

  2. WE have a different kind of bouncy and Kara and Nick have both loved it! They are great! Good job on the workouts.