Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exercise Schedule + Avent Bottles

24 Miles

Mon: 4 mile hike w/ buggy
Tue: 60 min Spin - 30km ~ 6 miles
Wed: 30 min Pilates
Thurs: 6 mile run w/ buggy
Fri: 60 mins Pilates
Sat: 5 mile club run
Sun: 3 mile walk/hike

It's been a funny week. Murray used to be like clockwork sleeping to the same time every morning, but this past week he's woken at different times every morning. On Thursday it was 7.45am!!!! Now while I'm not complaining about getting 2 hours extra sleep it is throwing schedules off all over the place - I knew writing down that flipping schedule would come back to bite me!!! LOL! It would be so good if I knew he was going to sleep till then because I could then get up before him and do a spin, but never mind. Actually it was quite good on Thurs as I fed him and then went straight out for a run with him in the buggy as it was already light enough whereas it hasn't been possible to do that when he wakes at 5.30/5.45am. I think now that I know I can run with the buggy I might use that option more as it can be kind of stressful trying to get in my spin, hoping he'll sleep long enough after first feed to do so, that is if he doesn't 'sleep in' and then not want to go down at all - understandably.

I think I'm going to follow the following plan loosely:

3-6 miles EASY - good to do as a run with buggy.
4-6 miles TEMPO - well faster w/out buggy until feeling strong enough to cope with sustained hard effort
45 - 60 mins XT (Spin or gym)
5-6 miles EASY  w/ 6 x 30sec faster - again could be done with buggy.
6-10 miles EASY (for NOV I'm sticking to 6 miles as max distance for a run and depending on how I feel maybe start to lengthen that run in DEC)

I'd like to do at least 2 x 60 mins pilates session but it may be best to just aim for 120 mins over the whole week as I can often get in 10 mins here or there.

This results in 26 - 34 miles. I like there being a range as it allows for flexibility which lets face it with a babba is definitely the name of the game!

Saturday Club Run

My run on Saturday, while tough, felt almost normal for the first time post Murray. I felt like I could get into a rhythm and power on a bit. It was great running with other folk and pushing a little up the hills. Yeah!

Avent Bottles

A few weeks ago we took Murray to the doc due to his vomiting. She wasn't much help to be honest (or maybe she was) but she did suggest trying different bottles, so from yesterday we have been using Avent bottles. I don't know if it is going to stop the vomiting - we'll see, but he certainly seems to be able to take it down a lot easier - 10 mins as opposed to 20+ and his wind is coming up too. The added bonus is he is taking a decent amount as well - last week I was struggling to get more than 4oz in before he would start thrashing around - that included his first feed when he hadn't eaten for 12 hours!!!!!! I think he couldn't latch on properly (well it never was his strong suit) and so was taking in a lot of air. I don't want to jinx things, but here's hoping it does help because his feeds have really been getting me down. So far today he's glugged down his milk quite the thing, burped and then been quite happy apart from his teething pain compared to thrashing and arching his back to get away from the bottle even at the start of a feed unless he's been really hungry, but definitely after 3 or 4oz and then of course on top of that it could all be thrown up! Like I say; fingers crossed.

Here's to a new week.


  1. This coming from someone who doesn't have a baby yet, but a friend of mine bought Tommee Tippee (spelling?) which I believe is a British brand of baby bottles, for her little boy and (she's breastfeeding and pumping) and he seems to like them with a small amount of gassy after effect. She loves them, but it seems like Murray might be liking these new ones. Your training schedule is awesome!!

  2. Thanks Lizzie. Unfortunately it is the Tommee Tippee ones he is struggling with. I bought them because they look so like the real thing, so to speak, I thought they'd be great and probably if he was good with the real thing they would be but as he's not...
    Got my spin in this morning so yeah!

  3. Wow! You're doing fantastic. Well done.

    I used the Tommy Tippee and the Avent bottles when I stopped feeding. The TT ones were great when Cairn was a wee bit bigger, as he could hold on to them.

    Cairn was also a big fan of vomiting. I think he spewed on everyone I know. It all stopped when he was on solids.

  4. strange that the bottles could be a problem? Kara pukes all the time and I don't use the bottles at all. But we have avent ones for when I miss a feeding. Hope it works out!