Monday, November 8, 2010

First Run With Buggy + Al's B'Day.

Yesterday I went for my first run with the Buggy. It was HARD work, but I quite enjoyed it. MY shoulders, obliques and intercostal muscles all hurt today - it is a SERIOUS wokout!

It wasn't a great week for exercise again last week, but considering I was getting over a cold it was just fine:

Tues: 60 mins Pilates
Wed: 60 mins Pilates + 60 min gym workout (equiv to 6 mile run)
Fri: 30 min Pilates focusing on Abs
Sat: 5.5 mile Run (10k route)
Sun: 6 mile road run with buggy (Phew!)

A Social Life!

Al, Murray and I went to one of my baby mum friends's house (Lynsey) for mulled wine on Saturday evening. Another mum (Claire) from that baby group (our babies were born within 7 days and 2 of them on the same day) and her hubby and baby were there too. We then walked along to the fireworks display. The other 2 babies were asleep but Murray was awake. I was a bit worried he might freak out, but he stared at all the lights with big bug eyes and seemed to quite enjoy them! We didn't get home until 9pm and Murray was knackered but he settled well none the less so we were glad we did it.

Last night Al and I went out for our first meal out together since the 1st of July. We went out to celebrate Al's birthday. It was really nice to celebrate properly this year as last year I was in the throws on 1st trimester hell and was sick as a dog and cream crackered. I'm pretty sure I was flat on my back heaving at the thought of eating anything and was in bed by about 8pm!!!!! Poor Al sat supping a beer on his own!!!! Needless to say this year was a bit better! We went to a restaurant called Yann's that serves really classic French food from the Haute Savoie region and it was lovely.

Walk on the West Highland Way 

Today was lovely. I got up and did first feed and let Al sleep in. We then had a relaxing breaky and 'open presents'. The weather was awful but we thought we'd head up North and have lunch at the Drovers' Inn which is next to the West Highland Way. We had a lovely lunch and then as the rain had eased enough we headed out for a walk on the way with Murray in the buggy. We had to stop when the path deteriorated too much and got too steep, but I think we probably had about a 4 mile walk never the less. We got back to Inn in perfect time to feed Murray and just as the rain really started again. The views were amazing as it had snowed on the tops of the mountains so it was all very atmospheric.

About to walk off Lunch - Gorgeous Waterfall (Grey Mares Tail) in background coming down mountains we hiked last year when I was preggers and didn't know and so just thought I had suddenly become an unfit puffer!

Al, Buggy and Rapids

Snowy Peaks!

Murray's all smiles to be back in the warm!

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  1. the stroller is such a good workout! the get together sounded really fun. That's good Murray played along. And the walk is gorgeous.