Friday, December 3, 2010

Running and Walking in This Winter Wonderland.

As Al has been working from home this week due to the snow I have been able to get out for 2 runs in the snow at lunch time. Here are 2 pics from the runs. Nothing better than snow falling all around you while you run to lift your spirits and renew your enthusiasm for peek-a-boo - just gorgeous!

Today Al was off. We were meant to be going to Belfast yesterday to see Al's folks, but due to the snow mayhem decided it would be safer to postpone the visit until Jan. Fortunately we were able to switch the ferry journeys to then and I must say I'm glad I wasn't driving down to the Ferry with all this snow everywhere - could you imagine if we had got stuck in traffic or snow with a 5 month old - not fun! Anyway as Al was off we went out for a family walk in the snow as we were all getting a bit of cabin fever. I wanted to carry Murray at first as I quite enjoyed being able to point things out to him the other day, but our plan was to swop on the way back. Well, we headed off pointing out the snow and the trees etc to Murray and then, would you believe it - he fell asleep! There was me worrying he might get too cold and not enjoy it and he just pops off to sleep! So I had to carry him back too. I must say it was hard work - almost like being preggers again LOL!


  1. I do not like snow . . except for the kind in your photos. I mean, just beautiful and must be amazing to run in! Sadly our snow is not amazing to run as it turns to city slush pretty quickly, but I wouldn't mind a trot down those lanes!

  2. More great pictures. I still maintain murray is as big as you now!

  3. oh my goodness ! lots of snow!!