Sunday, June 10, 2012

20 Week Scan

We had our 20 week scan on Fri. I had been really apprehensive for most of the week about it, but all was well. Little babba was just so cute sticking out its tongue and smacking its lips! So in love!

Babba tickling its nose!

Such a clear pic - I just LOVE its little face profile!

I have been REALLY tired this week and still been recovering from this cold I think. I've been really icky and light headed first thing so decided to just ease back into exercise with walking. This week's exercise has this been as follows:

Mon: 3 mile hike
Tues: 3 mile hike
Sat: 3.5 mile hike + 30 mins pilates
Sun 3 mile hike
Total: 12.5 miles. Not great, but a vast improvement on the week before which was a right off.

Hopefully, I'll be more on form this coming week.

Today we supported at The Strathearn Harriers' Marathon. It was our first year running the marathon on a v hilly route and it seemed to go great. We headed to the start of the Marathon to drop of our homebaking for the runners post race and to help our where we could for a short spell.

Then we drove round to 15 miles and walked to 13.5 miles with Murray in the backpack and mimicking our supporting cheers like: 'keep goin'; 'doing great'; 'good job' which was too cute. We carried a bag of jelly babies with us which in general where gratefully revceived. It was so funny seeing the runners' faces light up as they realised you had sweeties on you! We made sure we had enough for the Strathearn Harriers that were running. It was just great to see that your cheers and encouragement gave everyone such a lift.

Murray all wrapped up to cheer on the runners!

As we were only about a mile from our house, we nipped home and had lunch before driving back out to Comrie. As we drove along, we were able to cheer on the runners we had encouraged earlier and they were so grateful. There were a couple of folk who slowed to a walk, so as we drove by I yelled: 'one foot in front of the other', 'in fron of other' parrots Murray from the back and it was really great to see them, pick back up to a run! We arrived back to see 3 out of the 4 lady harriers just reaching the finish line (we had just missed the 4th ). All the ladies running were under 4 hours which on such a hilly route was awesome! Go ladies!

Murray had a great play at the end while Al helped out with results, especially as he got to look like a proper marshal in his high viz vest sent over from Al's folks.

 By the end we were all shattered and we then headed round to folks to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a lovely buffet tea and Murray was over the moon to spend some time with my folks and Aunty Helen and Uncle Ian. By the time we got home though, as he had only had a wee short nap in the car he was BEYOND tired and had forged into 'over hyper' mode which resulted in a bang to the head and massive tears. After a big cuddle, stories and milk he could barely keep his eyes open - wee soul. Know how he feels - Its 8.30pm and I'm BEAT! Great day though and totally worth it. Go the Harriers!

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  1. Wow the scan is fantastic! It's so exciting.

    I see Murray sports the same great-another-race look like Cairn usual has at the weekends :-)

    Debs xxx