Sunday, June 24, 2012

22 weeks exercise + DIY Prep.

Slightly disappointed with this week's exercise, but still did 3 cardio sessions so shouldn't be too down hearted. It's been a busy week, coupled with Murray getting 3, yes 3 new teeth, which throws him into waking up at 5am and naughty behaviour due to pain and tiredness due to early starts. He's had 10 teeth in 16 weeks!

Tues: 1 hour spin using proper spinning DVD. Hard work and needed to make sure I didn't over cook it. (atleast ~ 5 miles)
Wed: 116 lengths - 2212m ~5.5 miles
Sun: 110 lengths - 2200m ~5.5miles
Total: 16 miles

I was absolutely exhausted on Fri and Sat. On Fri, driving home from a playdate and lunch with my friend and her toddler, I could feel myself dropping off to sleep while driving up the m-way. Not funny! When we got home, Murray got some half an hour bonus tv time while I had a cup of tea and a cherry bakewell to get a sugar hit and wake me up!

On Sat I was still shattered, so thought it would be better to save my energy for going to B&Q to buy paint for our DIY projects. It was the last thing I felt like doing truth be told, especially as my back was KILLING me, but as we had booked mum to look after Murray, so we could choose colours without fielding Murray, we had to get on with it.

We bought all the paint we will need for doing Murray's new big boy room. We chose lovely yellow walls to tie in with his Thomas the tank curtains and duvet set as well as some Thomas the Tank things to go on the wall. As we will be moving out of our room (so Murray can have it) and moving downstairs, we needed to choose paint for that room too. I'm quite excited about finally having a decorated room. We've been in our house 6 years, and for 6 years I've woken up and looked at the hideous wallpaper in our current room and grumbled about when we could get round to doing our room! We choose a lovely gentle/calm green called celtic moor which will be paired with antique white. I'm hoping it will be nice! Once it's painted I'll buy curtains and things to tie in.

By the time we left my back was SCREAMING and I was so uncomfy. I was actually getting a bit panicked about how I'll feel in T3 as I was so uncomfy just now. I think perhaps maybe babba is having a growth spurt and all my round ligaments are stretching because boy oh boy! After an early night and a good sleep, I've been a lot better today thankfully. I think my swim first thing did me the world of good this am. I just love how I feel during and after my swim as I feel like my body is my own once more and the relief from the weight is just indescribable. 

Another busy day today as after church and Murray's nap, mum and I headed back to B&Q to buy turf for Al to lay in the garden. We reckon we'll need about 40 in total, but as the car was sinking lower and lower on its suspension we thought we'd stop the assistant when he got to 10 or we'd be in danger of breaking down on the journey home, so we'll be able to judge once we've got those laid. Al had worked wonders in the garden by the time we got home so we'll hopefully get those turfs laid this week, so that the garden looks nice for family coming for Murray's second birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my wee boy will be 2 a week today!!!!!

Last week of term coming up - Hoorah!!!!! Roll on Friday!

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