Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 Weeks + Blessings


Tues: 3 mile hike
Wed: 110 lengths (2200m ~ 5.5 miles)


110 lengths (2200m ~ 5.5 miles)
Gym session of at least 45 mins

Would like:
To re-start my pilates. I like the flexibility and strength it gave me.

Scare + Blessings

Today I got a real fright. I was driving to work (very wet) when I cam upon a bit of a mangled car that had obviously spun off and back onto the road. The poor lad driving was out and trying to flag cars down so I duly slowed down and wound the window down to check he was OK/needed help, as was the driver coming in the opposite direction, when flying around the corner pelts a second car in the opposite direction. He hits the brakes, but there wasn't enough room to stop on his side, so he's driving on my side straight towards me. I'm thinking 'Oh my God, please stop, I'm pregnant, please stop!' And by some absolute miracle he did. I drove off and quickly realised I was a bit in shock (crying/white/ shaking), so pulled over where I could and phoned work. Was swiftly told to go home and put feet up and recover. After calming myself I shakily drove home (luckily not far) and swiftly drank a hot sugary tea. Thankfully Al was working from home, so he has been able to look after Murray. It really gets you thinking. You realise how blessed you are to have a gorgeous toddler and a precious little load on board. Thank you God for watching over me, my little avacado (it's rough size at this stage) and my whole family today.

Today was also beautiful as Murray told me he loved me.
The conversation went like this:

Al: 'say, night night to mummy'
M: 'ni-night mummy'
Al: 'say, I love you mummy'
M: 'lovee mummy'

Awwww my heart brimmeth over!


  1. What a scary day. Glad you are ok. Gosh I bet you were bursting after that lovely conversation. Very special :-)

    1. Thanks Vicky, and yes, I was proper welling up!