Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16 miles for 15 Weeks.

Just a quick post to record last week's exercise:

Mon: 2 mile walk
Tues: 50 min gym (equiv to 4.5 miles)
Wed: 55min swim (100 lengths - 2000m ~ 5miles)
Fri: 55 min swim (100 lengths - 2000m ~ 5miles)

So 16 miles for 15 weeks. 2 miles more than last week. This week will be a bit trickier I think as we're just back from visiting Al's folks in N Ireland and we were so busy visiting family, which was lovely, exercise wasn't really a high priority.

Murray loved going on the ferry and especially going out on the deck, but I'll post some pics another time as I'm shattered and need to go to bed soon. It's hard work entertaining a toddler on a 2h15 ferry journey and a 3 hour car drive especially when he only sleeps for 30 mins of the journey! Phew!

I'm feeling pregnant all of a sudden. In close fitting clothes I definitely look it. I think I took my first tummy pic at 20 weeks so I'll wait until then to compare!

16 Weeks tomorrow! Blimey!

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