Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Week!

What a week - and not in a good way. Murray caught a tummy bug and has not been very well at all. By 8am on Friday, I had cleared up 2 lots of sick and a nappy that could have been used by the army as a secret weapon to knock out any enemy attack! Most of this week was spent doing the following: pick Murray up as crying to be up; wee cuddle; put Murray down as trying to wriggle out of arms to try play; v short attempt to play; pick Murray up; put Murray down; feed Murray a watered down bottle of milk; put Murry down; try to wash bottle so ready for next feed while Murray sat on floor making very pathetic grizzling sounds (poor thing); pick Murray up.... you get the picture. He seems to be on the mend today and had some proper lunch for the first time in days so hopefully next week will be back to 'normal'.

As a result of the above I haven't managed anything since Tuesday, but quite honestly exercise has been the last thing on my mind. Murray has taken priority and it is as simple as that. Today I've spent the day cleaning (as no housework could be done during the week) and generally getting sorted for the week ahead so that I can get back to it next week. I actually think my body will have appreciated the recovery week as I've been pushing quite hard (for me at the mo') for a few weeks now.

Yesterday I finally signed up for a cyclosportive. I've been mulling it over for a while, but finally bit the bullet. It is in 4 weeks time so it has worked out quite well to have a rest week this week and hopefully I can build up again for the next 3 before tapering for a week. I HAVE to get 2 more long rides of 40+ in the next few weeks and will try and cycle / spin over gym as much as poss. I'm quite nervous as I'm not a good cyclist, but, you've got to start somewhere and it's nice to have a challenge. I just really hope it's dry on the day.

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  1. poor litle guy! I hope he is feeling better. And that's good you got in a recovery week. Congrats on signing up for the cyclosportive. I don't know what that is exactly but it sounds neat. :)