Friday, August 19, 2011

A Mummy to A Toddler!

Last week I had another good week - the second in a row which feels like a first for a while. I started taking booster B vitamins and I really think it is helping with energy. The proof will be in the pudding once I'm back to work today.

Mon: 110 lengths @ swim group - really good session
Tue: 4 mile hilly walk with M in buggy (he is heavy!) + 50 mins pilates
Thurs: REST
Fri: 60 min spin
Sat: 50 mins pilates + 40 mins  Gym
Sun: 33 mile Bike rid (av pace 14mph) + 3 mile flat walk with Al pushing M

Mon: 3 mile hilly walk with M in buggy + 30 mins pilates + 110 lengths @ swim group - phew!
Tue: REST!

I wrote the above on Tues and then did the following:

Wed: 4 mile hilly walk pushing Murray in the buggy
Thurs: 40 min gym workout
Fri: 10 mins Ab pilates - then M woke up early!

I am v v tired today so decided to have a rest day but plan on a long bike, a shorter workout and some pilates over the weekend. Trying to do my pilates during the week is tricky now M naps once a day as that sleep coincides with me leaving for work. I'm sure I'll find my groove with that once I've adjusted to the new routine. The only problem is as Murray adjusts to 1 nap his sleep is haywire - up in the night sometimes so sleeps later; other mornings he wakes early; sometimes he can cope util after lunch and at others I have to put him down before as he is getting past it and wouldn't eat his lunch anyway - that does mean he is v tired at tea time. I put him for a nap at 11 on Thurs as he hardly slept at nursery on Tues and was almost sick with tiredness and that seemed to help so as long as he's up at 7am I'll do that again I think as I figure longer earlier is better than short later. I contemplated doing my pilates but it was my only chance to sit for half an hour before running around getting ready for work - hopefully next week I'll be in the groove more.  I've started putting his cuddly toy (eeyore) in with him and certainly he resettled himself last night and had a long nap yesterday (3 hours - WHAT? once I'd done pilates, housework, cooked soup and Murray food and had a cup of tea I was twiddling my thumbs!) so I'm hoping that helps with the nights and settling for naps.

I read somewhere that unsettled sleep often goes hand in hand with learning to walk which makes sense because I often don't sleep as well if I've done a hard workout close to bed or am doing a lot of study. he's wee body and mind is developing so much at the mo. He's v hungry at most meal / snack times and keeps amazing me with how much he wants - a whole nectarine the other day for snack! He started walking about a week ago properly, but clocked himself doing it on Saturday and since then is walking more and more with a big smile on his face that just shouts: 'look at me, I'm soooooo clever!' he even claps himself as he walks too - v funny!

I went round to my neighbour's yesterday ( she has a 9.5 month old) for the boys to play. Firstly we went round on his fire truck - OMG - he loved it and then as she has a bigger house, Murray was walking up and down the corridor. It really made me wish we had more space for him inside, but that's not going to change any time soon - so he'll just have to get used to his shoes so he can walk about in our big garden. We've started to going to the village playgroup too, now that he isn't taking a nap, and that gave him a really good chance to practise his toddling skills. I was really impressed with the toys and every one seemed really friendly so I think we'll be back.

I'm so glad the first week back is over and some yukky reducing of staff hours has been done. It has been hard being away from Murray more and I am v tired today, but I hope with an early night I be back to full pistons tomorrow. I'll definitely keep popping those B-vits!

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