Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mojo Returns

I've found some mojo this week and as such had some good workouts:

Mon: 60 min spin + 20 mins pilates
Tue: 45 min grym workout + 50 mins pilates
Wed: 60 min spin
Thurs + Fri rest
Sat: 40 mile bike ride

Hope to also do at least 30 mins in gym tomorrow and some pilates.

My bike ride today was really good, but also quite tough. I started from the house and headed to Crieff via Kinkell Bridge (10miles). Once at Crieff I headed to towards the Sma Glen via Monzie (15). I then started the upwards grunt through the Sma' Glen to Aberfeldy (36). The descent into Aberfeldy was terrifying especially as the rain had just come on and the roads felt lethal. From Aberfeldy I finished off the last 4 miles to the village Grand Tully (40) where there is the loveliest Chocolatier, shop and cafe and where Al and Murray were waiting for me. It was so lovely to have them there as it kept me pushing on when my legs were cream crackered and the heavens had opened! We had a yummy lunch and I bought some of the special Karen friendly dark chocs while Al had an amazing looking apple caramel pie.

I have a massage booked for tomorrow. Al got me a voucher for my birthday a way back in April and I still haven't used it so I thought before the craziness of term starts I'd get a chance to relax. Speaking of the craziness of term I had to make some tough decisions yesterday while I was doing the accounts. Unfortunately I need to increase my working hours. I was really upset yesterday at the thought of being away from Murray more. It is not what I would chose but needs must. Hopefully it won't be forever and once new exam students return I can re evaluate again, but for now it is back to pretty much full time hours. I'm very grateful to have had a good amount of time for his first year, but I am apprehensive about how I'm going to juggle everything. Time will tell. I have to admit I found it hard to go out for my ride today as I felt it was another time away from Murray, but it really did me the world of good and both the wee dude and I were so pleased to see each other again. Getting out to do something for myself really re-centres me helps me be a happy mummy. I must remember that when the guilts kick in.

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  1. Try a child seat on your bike? Cairn loves it. We live next to the canal path, so perfect. Very scary on the road to it though! Xx