Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo + Video and General Catch up.

Murray is getting faster and faster. His crawling is lightening speed now and his cruising around the furniture can often be at almost a run. He walked more than 2 steps himself mid last week and is now regularly walking 4 or 5 steps on his own. Usually at a bit of headlong wobble but he can correct his balance too and so it really won't be long until he can do it properly - that is if he doesn't keep resorting to crawling because he can get places so much quicker!

Down side of his cruising everywhere is being able to switch on the dishwasher / washing machine and also being able to reach the knobs on the oven. Cooking time can be rather problematic! I walk around the house a lot of the time with Murray hanging onto my trousers!

We've got rid of afternoon bottle and his appetite has really soared. Yesterday he ate an entire nectarine for snack and a yoghurt! Next will be getting rid of the bottle with breakfast. Only problem is he doesn't drink a lot for his cup, so may have to get one of those cups with a straw thing. I'm glad he likes his fruit as at least he gets liquids from them.
He's so good at feeding himself with finger food and is getting better all the time with his spoon - so much so that you have to let him taste the meal with his spoonful first to see if it is acceptable to his taste buds!!! LOL!

I love this pic taken after his nap when he was actually letting me give him a cuddle.

I may be speaking too soon, but we seem to have changed to 1 nap a day. We have just had a week of up at 3.30am and resettling until 4 - 4.30!!!! but he has then slept until later and so his nap has been after lunch. he finally slept through last night but still kept to the same pattern so goodbye mummy morning time just in time for the new term! It's going to be a looong day!

Debs suggested getting a bike seat for Murray so we can go out on t bike together. I think I may well do that as it would be nice to have a different option for exercise that doesn't require a baby sitter and I'm sure he would find the breeze in his face fun.

Some Randoms:

He is obsessed with that doggy pillow. He loves to cuddle into it and carries it everywhere! It can really get him walking if you hold it just out of his reach! Tee Hee! Oh and I spend my life throwing those ball back in the pit after he has emptied them out!

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