Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Seat + Reins.

On Saturday we headed up to Perth as a family to research bike seats for my normal bike so Murray and I can go out together. We found some for a decent price in Halfords, but couldn't get a helmet to fit Murray (all too big) so headed round to Tiso to see if we could get one there. We could, so we got it. Too, too cute!

I also got a set of reins for Murray. He was off before I could even lengthen out the reins!

As it was a bit early for lunch we paid to go into the soft play. Murray loved it. So much so he had his first mega melt down in public on being removed at ,lunch time! Mega tears! He then went on lunch strike! so our lunch was not terribly enjoyable! Oh well! As Muray was knackered we didn't go back to get the seat from Halfords but I think I will try and get it soon now we have the hat. (update: have bought said seat from the slowest assistant in the world who clearly could not understand the concept of a little mush mush, I need to get back to see my child before I have to leave for work!)

The reins were bought just in time as Al was running in the 11 mile Sheriffmuir road race and having the reins meant I could walk around with Murray while Al was getting organised. He absolutely loved the 'freedom' and tired himself out so much that he had a wee power nap in the buggy when we went for a walk while Al was racing. Al did really well and ran 1h28 which he was really pleased with especially as he was doing it as a fast training run and it is uphill the whole way back! Once Al had finished, he took Murray home for lunch and as we had taken my road bike I hopped on and road 30miles to get home (it is closer if you go straight home, but I wanted to do about that distance and do not like the busy roads so am happy to go on the windier, longer routes! I was really please as I pushed the pace a bit and did 30 in just under 2 hours so just over 15mph pace with a route that included a killer up and thus down - the downs frustrated me more. I was overtaken by 3 sorry 4 folk on the way down and 2 of them were on a flipping tandem for crying out loud. It is so frustrating - if it was skiing or running I'd be hooning down, but on the bike I just get really freaked out that there will be a random pothole and I'll go flying and then a car will come round a bend and ..... I definitely need to get braver as I know that would increase my average pace!

This morning Murray and I went to Rhyme Time at the library. It was really good despite him not wanting to sit for hardly a minute - God help his P1 teacher when it comes time for him to start School! LOL! Thankfully a mum friend was there too with her little boy who has started crawling now and was all over the place too. I'm always amazed to see little boys and girls who can move sat at their mum's feet waiting patiently. Murray does NOT do waiting (woops - sorry wee dude, mummy doesn't do waiting either!). I'm enjoying taking this Monday off as I have to work Saturday, but as Mum can't baby sit until 11 on a Monday we should be able to go every week before I need to get my head down and work like crazy. Thankfully mum can stay on late and give him his tea so I can work until 6 ish, so I should get a lot done. that is definitely the bonus of working for yourself - you can be a bit more flexible with your hours.

I'm hoping for another good week. Aim this week is more pilates. Speaking of which, as Murray is napping I'd better get on with it. I skipped swimming last night but got up early a did a spin first thing, so a ggod start. Did 50 mins pilates yesterday too.

Here are some lovely pics / video that Al took to show me when I get home as I miss him while I'm at work.

I'm so cute!

Night Time Bath - night night, sleep tight!

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