Monday, December 20, 2010

The All Clear; Garmintastic; Central Heating and First Solids!

The All Clear

This morning I had an appointment at 'The One Stop Breast Clinic' to check my lump. After much prodding and an ultrasound I was overjoyed to be told that it was just a cyst - probably from breast feeding. The kind Doctor then swiftly pulled out a needle, stuck me like a pin cushion and hey presto it was drained.

I have to admit I am feeling more than a little washed out this evening as a result. The relief is enormous!

Garmin 305

In April my lovely mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I really, really wanted a Garmin, so she very, very kindly agreed to buy me one. I didn't bother getting it then as I can tell you right now what my pace was: tortoise shuffle! There was a sale on at 'Run 4 It' so I ordered one and it arrived the other day. I'm still to get to grips with the various settings so I simply just headed out the door on Sunday to get some idea of my pace. It was quite variable depending on snow covering or uphills but was mostly in the 8 min/mile zone i.e: 8 - 8.59 min mile, but it did go down to 7.05 at one point and to 7.45 several times. That being said, it also rocketed up to 11 min miles a few times too (stupid inclines). It was great! There is definitely no hiding that is for sure - no kidding yourself it feels hard because you're running fast when really your just unfit!

6 miles is still very much my limit though. It is frustrating - I just cannot run further at the mo'. I guess I can just concentrate on getting a bit faster so that lower 8s/7s feels easier. Having the Garmin will definitely help keep me focused in that way.

Central Heating

Our Central Heating arrived on Saturday. It was meant to arrive on Friday between 9am and 4pm so I stayed in. At 3.50pm I phoned the company to find out where it was, only to be told it wasn't arriving today due to snow delays! GRRRRRR! Murray had literally sreeched his way through the day due to teething and I was climbing the walls. A little piece of my mind was given... Al is presently working his way through the Norwegian installation instructions! LOL - good job there are pics too! Can't wait until I can move from room to room without having to put on jacket, gloves and hat!!!!

First Solids

Murray had his first taste of solids yesterday. His eyes have been tracking us eating for a while now and so thought we'd give him a try. He had about 4 teeny spoonfuls of baby rice, but seemed to enjoy it. Today he managed about 8 or 9. So I'll stick with the baby rice until the end of the week and then try some carrot. He loves chewing on his spoon too - a great teether and BOY is he ever teething at the mo!

Exercise Round Up

Last Week:
A good week especially considering I wasn't allowed to run on Thurs and Fri due to physio's request.
Mon: 5 mile v easy run
Tue: 60 min Spin
Wed: 60 min Pilates
Thursday: Rest
Friday:60 min Pilates (including arms section on harder DVD for first time)
Sat: 5 mile run with club (Mince Pie Run - v v v chilly but great fun - first run with hubby since Murray!)
Sun: 6 mile run with Garmin
Total = 22 miles + 120 min Pilates

This week has started well with a 60 minute Spin. Let's hope it continues that way.


  1. keep up the good work Kaz! So annoying when you wait around all day for a no show! and I'm glad the lump is all popped!

  2. Happy Christmas to you and your amazing little family! Go Supermom!