Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Great Christmas!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

We had a lovely first Christmas with Murray. The wee dude was very kind to us and didn't wake until 6am - yeah! We got him through to our room to dress and feed him and open up some Santa sack presents and a cup of tea for us.

Murray in his Xmas outfit

He was tired after opening the presents so we put him back for a sleep while we got up and had a yummy breakfast of pancakes (wheat/dairy free) / croissants / Parma ham and maple syrup!

I then prepared the stuffing and stuffed the bird and prepared all the veg so that when we got back from church it was all ready to go. We met my parents at church for mass where Murray gave me my most treasured present - he fell asleep in my arms. He hasn't done that for at least a couple of months and I was wondering if he'd ever do it again. It was so beautiful to look down at his wee peaceful sleeping face!

After Mass, mum and dad looked after Murray while Al and I got out for a run together. It was so nice to run with Al - they will be treasured times now I think.

When we got back, Murray was pooped, so went down for a nap while we opened presents from under the tree and then it was all hands to the oven to get the food on the table - a little later than planned, but at least we were hungry! After dinner, we 'Skyped' Al's parents and sis which was great as they haven't seen Murray since October.

Mum and dad headed home once Murray had been put to bed in the evening and we collapsed in a tired heap!

Boxing Day

No rest for the wicked! Murray was up at 5.30 but the advantage of this was, as we were heading up to my sister's, it gave me plenty time to strip the turkey and make turkey soup. Getting packed wasn't as bad as when we went away in September as we know more what we need now. Plus we were able to take a travel cot instead of his moses basket. We had transferred Murray to his proper cot a few days before so he was used to a bigger bed as we were worried he might not settle, but he was so tired by the time he went bed he would have slept anywhere! We had a lovely Boxing day turkey curry at my sisters with a bit more champagne / wine than I have drunk in a wee while so was rather glad when Murray woke us at 5.30am that I didn't feel too dodgy! LOL! It was weird having him in our room again - total nightmare trying to get out to the loo in the night without waking him, but it did mean we saw him sleeping with his hands above his head - so cute!

We had a lovely day yesterday. My sister looked after Murray and let Al and I get out for another run together in the morning. We ended up doing just short of 8 miles as we got a bit lost. I did manage but it was a little bit much so I just need to take care. After lunch we headed up to see my sister's horse and take Murray for a lovely wee snowy walk in the backpack.

Back to Helen's for his bottle and then back down the road to our's. I was a bit concerned that he would sleep all the way home and then not want to go to bed but a wee play, a bath and bottle and he went to sleep like a wee treasure and stayed asleep until 6am this morning! Yeah.

Al dressed him this morning and brought him downstairs in this outfit with the mini converse shoes that his sister bought. I'm not really a big one for shoes on babies but these ARE outrageously cute!

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