Friday, December 24, 2010

One More Sleep 'till Xmas!

As it is Xmas Eve I felt it obligatory to dress Murray in this fab suit courtesy of Aunty Helen (my sis.). We have a different suit for tomorrow courtesy of Aunty Fe (Al's sis).

So Darn Cute!!!!

Aunty Helen also got Murray this gorgeous winter suit which makes him look and feel just like a teddy!

All I really wanted for Xmas was our central heating. We have a couple more to put up so we thought we'd get them up tonight, but Al's drilling just woke the wee dude up with much crying, so they'll just have to wait! Nevermind!

Enjoying a rather festive glass of wine and some cheese. Can't normally enjoy a Christmas Eve tipple as we usually go to midnight mass. Alas, no midnight mass for us this year, so a glass of rouge it is!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a special day wherever they are. Sending out prayers for all those who are touched by sadness this year - may your heart be filled with love and strength. 

On a joyful note however: a special Merry Christmas to Murray's newest friend; Hamish Douglas Muir who was born on the 21st - well done the Muirs!

Oh and Murray learnt how to splash the water in the bath today so no longer will I stay dry at bathtime!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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