Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hogmany Sitting + 6 Months Birthday

As well has turning 6 months, Murray sat unaided for the first time on New Years day. Well done my little Cherub! He hasn't done as well since but he is definitely getting stronger and doesn't simply fold in two straight away!

We had a lovely Hogmany. Our friends Morna and Richard came in the evening to stay over and I cooked a meal (Risotto with left over Christmas Turkey) which, if I do say so myself was rather yum! It was really nice to just sit round the table and have a few wines and some cheese and crackers. I eventually had to crash at 1am as the thought of 4 hours sleep before Murray was up suddenly hit me like a hammer. Yeah - it took some effort to drag my sorry butt out of bed to attend to Murray's needs. Cunningly I had taken a bottle, a carton of formula and his bottle warmer up to the bedroom so all I had to do was stagger into his room, pick him up, remember to turn off his alarm so it didn't scream at me and stagger back to our room where I could do his nappy and bottle before staggering back to put him down for another sleep. We very gratefully accepted the extra hour he then gave us! Our friends slept in until 11am and I was very jealous indeed. I can't even remember what that feels like to do!

So it is now 2011. I'd love to be making training and racing plans but alas it still cannot happen. I have to admit there are days when my 'progress' can really get me down. It is so frustrating because it is not my aerobic or muscular fitness holding me back (OK maybe they are a little but they are not the real issue. There are days when I actually wonder if I'll ever be able to get back to proper running at all I'm desperately trying to practise the art of patience but... Must focus on the positives (repeat several times).

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  1. aww! so cute!! I am waiting for Kara to sit up. It will be great! You will get back there Kaz, you will! Keep your head up!