Monday, May 9, 2011

Crawling + Hiking + Wedding

Murray started crawling 3 days before his 10 month birthday. 2 day before that I caught him sort of shuffle crawl out of the corner of my eye, but as he wouldn't do it again, I wondered if I had imagined it. he did the same thing the next day and this time I think he made the connection between what he had done and what that meant (ie - get that toy over the other side of the room) and then before I knew it he was OFFFFFFFF!

Boy do I ever need 50 sets of eyes now, and I am even more glad of the play pen we had bought!


Last holiday weekend we went hiking up to Glen Tilt. It was a great day out and Murray really enjoyed his first picnic lunch. He had a enough by the end right enough so the last 20 minutes were spent with me jumping out from behind the backpack carrier, shouting Boo. Exhausting, but he found it hilarious and so helped to take his mind off the last bit!

Right, off we go!

My first picnic!


Nearly Home 


This weekend just passed we all headed over to Belfast for Al's cousin's wedding. It was a lovely day and Murray was a wee star. The Bride and Groom looked just lovely and it was a great chance to see family. I think Murry looked just gorgeous in his wee linen suit!

The happy couple!

Al and I with the new Mr and Mrs Nicholl

Above = The cousins! (L2R: Pip (groom), Emma (groom's sis), me, Al, Fe (Al's sis))

The First Dance - AWWW!

Unfortunately the poor wee mite has picked up a wee bug and was really poorly on our return journey. He slept practically the whole journey - which was a relief in many ways as he really wasn't a happy chappy when awake. He's only managed about 14oz of milk for the past 2 days and no food at all. Oh and the nappies -OMG!!!!!! I took him to the doc today, but as I had to tell him that 1000 ml (35 oz) wasn't the recommended amount for a 10 month old, I'm not sure what good it was! He did say that it was OK to keep giving regular calpol for the next 48 hours so I will be doing that, but it is a bit worrying the lack of fluid.

Random Pic of Murray petting a pony. When he saw it walking by his whole body shook with excitement and he nearly jumped out of my arms to go see it!


I had a good week last week, which definitely helped me feel generally a bit more positive. I even went to a swim group which I really enjoyed, as it was nice to have other to exercise with. I've signed up for the next 10 weeks so I'm looking forward to it tomorrow.

Mon: 1 hr Gym + 10 mins abs + 3 mile walk (~10 miles)
Tue: 1hr Spin + 10 mins pilates (legs) + swim class (50 lengths - an easier first week) (~9 miles)
Wed: 35 min x-trainer (~4 miles)
Thursday: 1 hour spin (~ 6 miles)
Saturday: 50 mins Pilates
Total = 29 miles.


  1. I love it!! go Murray go! I hope Kara does too in a few days. I think I hope so, haha. She's so close! He looks adorable for the wedding. Great job on the exercise!

  2. Aw cute pics of Murray in the carrier and he looks very dapper at the wedding :-)