Sunday, April 24, 2011

Penicillin and Photies!

I think the last time I did such little exercise was just after Murray was born! My sore throat and ear ache didn't get any better and even double dosing of Ibuprofen and paracetamol didn't dull the pain (of course teaching with a sore throat doesn't help) so by Thurs I got an appointment with the doc who prescribed a good dose of penicillin. It's pretty strong and I think it knocked me out the first 2 days, (well that's my excuse for falling asleep any time I was a passenger in the car). I think (fingers crossed) it is starting to take effect. Although still sore I can cope without paracetamol now and the throat is less sore than the ear so hopefully I'll be back to full health soon.

Murray has settled really well at Nursery and is a big hit! Mummy's very proud!

Some Cracking Photos!

Writing Mummy's First Mother's Day Card

Posing for the Paps!

Bathtime Fun!

Crazy Hair!

Mummy and Daddy took away my swaddling as I kept getting it wrapped around my neck! Now I like to roll around in my cot until I find a comfy position to fall asleep in. Sometimes it is face down, sometimes it's right at the bottom of the crib! Mummy and Daddy come and put me on my back in the correct direction once I've fallen asleep! They think the positions I end up in are hilarious!

Garden Fun with Daddy while poor mummy was at work. She was really sad not to be with us!

Mummy's 'tupperware' cupboard is great fun to explore in: she lets me go into the cupboard so she can do dishes or put a clothes wash on. She seems to love cleaning so I do a really good job of pulling out every tub, just so she can put them away. It's really fun!

My mummy's friend gave me this groovy Tour de France vest - perhaps I'll be the next Lance Armstrong!



  1. What a gorgeous happy wee chappy!

    I think you should get some baby pictures of Al for comparison.

    Debs xx