Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cracking Swim!!!!

I'm just home from swim group. It was really good and I want to write it down while I still remember it! I did 35 mins on the xtrainer (~4 miles) before the swim and then we did the following session:

Warm up: 6 lengths

4 x 3 lengths timed (under 1.30 including rest)
5 x 2 lengths timed (under 1.15 including rest)

2x recover lengths

6 x 1 length timed (under 45 secs including rest)

2 x recovery lengths

4 x 6 lengths timed (under 2.30 including rest)

Cool down : 8 lengths

Total = 70 lengths = 1400m (~ 4 miles)

I worked really hard - much harder than if I had been on my own and it was so nice to workout with others as I'm pretty lonely training at the mo'. I miss my running buddies so much, but at least this group gives me something to look forward to every week.

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