Friday, May 20, 2011

A Good Week + Road Bike

What a difference it makes when I have a healthy baby and hubby! Last week was a disaster - came home from Northern Ireland with a sick Murray. He had a rotten tummy bug which lasted a week and which he passed onto both his daddy and his nanna ( my mum). As my mum looks after Murray on a Wed when I go to work I was stuck home holding the baby as well as looking after sick hubby. It also meant exercise went out the window. However, in good old determined Kazza stylee I've bounced back this week to do the following:

Sunday: 70 mins gym (8 miles) + 10 min abs
Tues: 35 mins X - Trainer (4) + swim group - 70 lengths (4) = 8 miles + 50 mins pilates
Wed: 50 mins Pilates
Fri: 60 min spin (6)

I plan to do at least 60 mins at gym tomorrow so my min miles should be 29.

I am going a little crazy not being able to run. I went to a try a road bike last weekend and I kind of fell in love. The only prob is that they only had the second smallest size in the more expensive model (too expensive) so I need to get both the smallest and 2nd smallest sizes ordered in so I can try them both. Even then it is a lot of money to part with. That's another thing I love about running - it doesn't have to break the bank. Coming from a ski racing background it was a refreshing change not to have to spend a fortune on equipment! I'm sooooo torn. I'd looooooove to buy the bike and have something to train for, but even more importantly people to train with. It sucks so much being injured - you are so out of the loop. Life is bit lonely at the mo' actually because of the hours I work I can't meet up with mum friends - they work on opposite days and local baby groups are on the days I work too. I can't run so my sport friends are hard to meet and then because I'm the boss at work, my staff are fun, but it isn't the same. Ah well, that's life I suppose. It does make you uber efficient at work though. I worked like crazy all week so I could knock off at lunch today and go for a play date at Murray's friend Struan's house which was really fun.

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