Monday, April 18, 2011

GRRRRR to Bugs!


1 x 1 hr gym + 10 min abs
1 x 5 mile run (bad idea)
2 x 2.5 mile walk with buggy
1 x 50 min gym session + 10 min abs
0 Pliates!

The week started off really well and I was all fired up to get in a good week. We went away for my birthday and I thought I'd give a run a go as Al and I could go out together. It was a total disaster. Pain levels were high and perhaps because of that I tripped, went A over T and quite badly grazed my elbow. All I could think, as I commando rolled in slow motion was, 'please let me not break my collar bone,' as that is what I did the last time I didn't pick me feet up enough!

I was knackered after going away, so could only face a walk on the Thursday. On Friday I nearly didn't go to the gym as I thought I felt blaaah, but we had a power cut and I needed a shower so thought I'd just go anyway - another bad idea: I was so tired I had to cut the workout short which I never do!

My sis was visiting on Sat ,so after lunch at the Hydro we went for a walk round the knock so Murray could have a sleep. Another bad idea - I was knackered after! My shoulders and neck were all achy and I had to take Ibuprofen! I was in bed by 9pm and thanks to a lovely hubby I slept until 9am!!!!!!! I then lay horizontal on the sofa until we had to leave to go to the Harriers' Eggstravaganza as Al was running and I didn't want him to miss it. It was a lovely day too so it was nice to picnic in the sun. I had to totally dose up on ibuprofen and paracetamol to cope. I was in bed by 8pm last night!

So, as I still feel pretty grotty and have work on Wed I am going to rest it up as much as poss in the hope that I will fully kick this bug as I am so bored of getting sick. I just don't do being ill. I think it is just such a waste of time! I'm not making any exercise plans and will only go walking if feel better or perhaps some pilates, but I really think I need a proper rest!


Murray did really well at nursery on Thurs and Fri, although he was absolutely knackered after both sessions! He starts properly this week for full sessions. I think I've found it far harder than him. I'm embarrassed to admit I had a wee cry when I left him both days. Friday was the worst as the nursery assistant walked off with him looking at me over her shoulder and it just felt so awful. He was fine, but I just felt so sad! Tomorrow's job is to finish labelling the rest of his clothes! It makes him seem so old!

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