Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My babies are growing up so fast!

It has been an emotional week already.

On Sunday I put Harris into his own room to sleep for the first time. He looked so tiny in his big cot. I know it is a ridiculously long time to still be in our room (especially as Murray was in his own room before 6 months), but it just seems like he is still such a teeny babba and that it is all going past too quickly. I just can't believe that tomorrow he is 9 months!

Today Murray had his last half day at the nursery he has been attending since he was 9 months! He has enjoyed it so much and it has benefited him enormously. He finished today because we go on holiday this weekend for a week and a half and then he only has 2.5 weeks until he starts Preschool in the village! I can't believe he starts Preschool. Such a big boy!

We've been having cracking weather for the past couple of weeks. Really hot (too hot for getting babies to sleep and causing them to have heat rash) which has been lovely so we've been doing as much outdoor things as poss.

Picnic time for Murray, while Harris gnaws on Murray's sunglasses!

Paddling Pool Fun!

I'm a sea-monster, Daddy!

 Murray on his new balance bike.

Peekaboo Giggles with Harris

 Octonaut Murray at the Sea Life Centre Loch Lomond Shores

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