Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Murray's 3rd Birthday

My baby #1 turned 3 on Monday!!!!! H.O.W!!!!! I just can't believe I have a 3 year old.

Pirate Murray! Oooh arrrrrr!

I threw him a proper birthday party this year and it had an Octonauts theme as he really loves the Octonauts.

Feeding time at the party!

I love this pic - Murray is feeding the octonauts on his plates his lunch! Too cute!

I was rather pleased with my efforts:

  • Yummy gluten'dairy free cake with an Octonauts personalised topper. I made the cake and bought the topper.

  • Yummy g/d free fairy cakes with mini Octonauts toppers.
  • Pin the tail on Kwazii instead of the donkey. Quite chuffed with my drawing too.

  • Peso paper plates puppets. The kids really enjoyed doing them so I'm really glad I did the prep work.

Octonauts hats and Peso paper plate puppet in background!

  • Octonauts hats instead of party hats.
  • We also did pass the parcel which the kids loved and they played really well. Putting a choc in each layer of rapping paper worked a treat in keeping them excited.
  • I borrowed loads of toys from toddlers and the kids had a great time.

Murray was so excited to have a birthday party and I felt so proud of him playing so nicely and handing out his party bags and saying: ' thank you for coming!' He also helped with the clear up!

He was sad for it to end, but was happy to get to take some balloons home.

We had the party on Sunday, but his actual birthday was Monday so my folks and my sis and baby Benjamin joined us for the day to have a wee visit to Auchingarrich animal park. Mum and dad were paying for our ticket to the park for the year, so I though it would be nice or them to see what they were buying. They loved it and thought it was a great present.

Murray came into the living room on the morning of his birthday and his jaw dropped as he saw his 'new bike'! He loves his balance bike and already enjoys paddling along on it.

In other news:

Harris is now 8.5 months, weighs 17lbs 2oz and is doing well with solids. We had a shaky blip where he was refusing to eat, but basically the poor lamb had the most awful month of May - sore throat, chicken pox and then to top it all off M, H and I got a tummy bug which (because of H not feeding at all) resulted in me getting mastitis! Ouch! I was so over the Month of May! Anyway, once he felt better he got stuck in and actually a bit too stuck in and I had to get him back to twice a day and just moved up to 3 meals today. he's really got the hang of drinking from a cup and so will take milk from a cup too which takes the pressure off me a bit. I think we're on the cusp of needing to feed from me less, but at the mo, it is a busy time as he still wants a milk feed post meals! Meal times are crazy! Harris is at such a lovely age at mo'. Is happy to sit and reach out for his toys, or explore his leap frog table. I am def enjoying the 'calm before the storm of movement'!

I know it's Murray's party, mummy, but I'm starving, so I'll gnaw on this plastic sandwich until you get a minute!

Can you fix it Harris?

Nee Naw!

According to Murray, Harris can go on his old bike as he has his new one!

In contrast to May, June has absolutely flown in with lots of fun summery trips to adventure parks, friends' birthdays and M, H and I joined my sis, baby B and my folks at The Highland Show which was awesome - exhausting, but great fun. Murray nearly died over how big some of the tractors were! Of course the best part of the month has been organising Murray's birthday. Finally, this Saturday we are going to the Sea Life centre at Loch Lomond and are going to see 'The Octonauts' there! I think Murray is going to explode when he sees a life sized Kwazii walking about!

It has been a big year for us all and I feel like Murray's party ad trip to the Octonauts has/will be a big celebration for us all. This time last year, I was really struggling in pregnancy and it was hard for Murray to have Mummy so exhausted and in pain and now Harris is safely here, and Murray and Harris have really bonded. I love my little family even on the hardest days when I want to tear my heart out! LOL! I really have 2 of the most gorgeous boys and I am so v, v blessed.

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