Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Holiday at Cloughey and Harris'first tooth.

For the first time in 3 years we took our longest holiday. We've only taken long weekends or maybe 5 days, but this summer, courtesy of Al's cousin Emma, we were able to take a longer holiday as we were able to use her caravan. His Aunty Jane has a caravan at the same site and was taking her holiday there at the same time. As she is a childminder, it was great fun as she just loves kids and was happy to help out with the kids loads.Her caravan was literally just off the beach, so we could walk down from ours and still have a shower after and somewhere to snack/coffee. Our caravan was fab too as it had a fully enclosed fenced in garden so Murray could head out to play safely at any time while we were in the caravan.

The enclosed garden.

The path where Murray could cycle

We were also in a line of about 6 caravans with a wee path in front of then that was safe to let Murray bike up and down on his own providing he didn't go any further. It was so lovely to give him that freedom and trust and he didn't let us down. He also got really good on his balance bike.

As the site is in N. Ireland and about 1.5 hours drive from Al's folks' house, they were able to visit at the campsite or meet us on a day out and see lots of the kids. Murray loved going on the ferry to get to N. Ireland, the campsite, the rock pools the water, the jelly fish (although he knew not to touch), the crabs. As Cloughey is on a peninsula with the Sea on one side and a Sea Loch (or Lough as it's spelled in N. Ireland) on the other side, it felt like we were on a mini island, especially as we got the little ferry a couple of times to go on day trips.

Walking down to look at the little ferry that we would catch the next day with Fireman Murray!

Ont the ferry, sitting in our car.

So fun. Harris seemed to enjoy it all too and really developed as well - no longer sitting in one place - constantly face planting and now he is trying to tuck his legs up to crawl, but can't quite connect the dots. He can take his time as far as I'm concerned!

We were so lucky. Before we went on holiday, we were really lucky to enjoy a solid 2 week spell of fantastic weather and while we were in Cloughey the weather broke here, but was beautiful where we were, so I feel like I've had 3 solid weeks of heat and sun and it is v v gratefully received. Shorts and vests are so lovely to wear everyday. After the past few years of dreadful summers, it has been so lovely to feel like we've been abroad!

We basically spent the week at the beach, but had 2 day trips out to family parks. The first had a bunch of toy tractors and the second had a great park and a miniature railway (a big hit with everyone!).

Lunch time!

Tractor fun!

Our second day trip - this time with grandma and grandad.

Love this pic of my handsome baby boy!

On the miniature railway.

Al got out running and I got out on my road bike which was fab - I really enjoyed it as it has been nearly 2 years! I used my cleats for the first time and sort of got the hang of them. I was on v quiet rds and I'm not sure I'd enjoy being on busy rds/ town, but they def do help with efficiency. The freedom of being able to get out for longer than hour was really liberating.

The holiday also really helped Murray move on with the potty training. I ended up having to get pretty firm and timing out accidents if I had asked him if he needed to toilet. Sounds so mean, but he totally knew when he needed (wees) and just couldn't be bothered - having to re dress himself helped to move things along too. He has moved on with poops too - generally going in the potty now with the occasional accident when it comes by surprise. That I can handle, just doing it on someone else's garden, I cannot! LOL! Also he's been dry pretty much every morning for nearly 2.5 weeks, so he's agreed that when we run out of nappies, he'll swap to pants! It's great timing as my baby '#1 starts Preschool a week on Monday!!!!! I can't believe he will be starting, but it is good timing as Harris is so nearly moving and atleast I will only have 1 to chase on a Mon, Tues and Fri ams. Wed ams we go to Toddlers so at least we are in an enclosed space and Monday afternoon Murray will have swimming lessons, so that'll be him busy then too!

Final update is today Harris cut his first tooth - bottom right. 11th August at 9 months 3 weeks - only 1 year earlier than Murray! Lets see how long wee last feeding him! He's been up every night for the past week which has been rough, but at least we have something to show for it apart from bags under our eyes!

I'll leave you with this fab pic of the brothers!

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