Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 months for Harris and Potty training for Murray and a quiet Coffee for Al and Me.

5 Months

Harris is 5 months today! The time seems to just fly in with a second baby! I got him weighed on Monday past and he was 15lbs 2oz. I think we'll definitely be looking out for readiness to wean him onto his initial solids although as we are currently potty training Murray I am happy to wait a little longer to keep another activity out of the mix.

Potty Training

Potty training is going OK with Murray. He was not terribly bothered about disturbing his busy work of play to sit on the potty, so, on the advice of the book I am using as advice, I've taken to using a bit of bribery - choccy buttons and collecting stickers for prizes seems to be helping enormously and yesterday he spent all day in pants except for 3 hours while we were out. He's doing really well with wees, but not so sure about pooping in the potty. It's early days though and he'll get there.


Both the boys have been poorly this week with some yukky bug - poor Murray has had temperatures and v v tired - so much so he has slept in until 8.30am 3 times - this is a lie in of 3 hours or so and he's needed a nap! Tired boy. Harris has been saved temps, but was so choked up last night he could hardly breathe, so I was up with him from 2 - 3am trying to de stuff him - poor wee soul. The virus has brought out a wee rash too. I so hate it when they are sick.

Quiet Coffee

Today we headed up to Tiso for lunch and after Murray had eaten we put him into the soft play area where you can leave them with staff. So funny as we leave him at nursery every week, but I felt quite nervous. Anyway he LOOOVED it - just wanted to pop back and check we were still in the cafe once. I must say it was fab to be able to have a coffee in peace. At the end we watched him run all around the soft play like such a big boy! He is so growing up - he even put his jacket on all by himself yesterday. Feel quite emotional about them both getting so big!

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