Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Update of the boys!

This Photo was taken at 20 weeks and I just looo-oove it!

Joint Bath Time - Murray loves it!

Harris too!

We went out to feed the ducks and do the little loop at Benny Beag with Murray on his Trike and as it was such a dry sunny day there were loads of climbers.Murray decided he wanted to be a climber, so here he is - The Matterhorn next!

Feeding the Ducks and Murray 'Riding' his trike.

Out for an Explore.

These photos are a bit older and Harris is still learning to smile and giggle 'on cue' LOL!

Playdough fun with the boys. Murray in his straw hat that was totally broken but I didn't dare throw out until I got a replacement! 

Murray's Fire engine that we made in one of our arts and crafts sessions.

Snowman fun with the snow man kit (wooden carrot, button, eyes etc), Aunty Fe got him.

Murray joining in morning cuddles at first feed!

Love this pic - can't remember what Murray and I are laughing at!

Making pankcakes - Murray loves baking.

Sweet, sweet Harris.

After dinner, Murray said, 'I want to sit on your knee' and sat there calmly and wriggle free for about 15 mins while we all chatted - heaven.

Harris in Murray's new hat!

Benjamin's Batismal cakes - I bought the beautiful one on the right from the coffee shop in our village who make cakes to order and Murray decorated the one on the left - clever boy!

We booked ourselves a wee hol for Benjamon's Baptism and as my folks were there too,they let Al and I get a walk - here we are at Loch Muik - snw showers and sunshine - cracking.

We went up the next day with the boys and despite Murray falling asleep so us needing to drive around for a while; Harris' bottom exploding into his nappy during said drive and thus needing changed in the car and then Harris needing an early feed (again in the car) we finally got out for Murray to have a fun tromp in the snow.

Harris looking cute.

Where we were staying for Benjamin's baptism there was a hotel attached to the lodges and we could use the pool. In the changing rooms there were these little seats and Murray thought they were great to sit in while either Al or I git dressed. He also loved my swimming goggles!

Our Lodge.

Hopefully next I'll upload some videos. Hope you like the photos - I love them.

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