Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oral Thrush! Ouch!

I'm getting worse and worse at blogging!

Practically a month has gone by since my last post. That said in the past 3 and half weeks Harris has been waking every night and as such I've been going to bed progressively earlier and just did not feel like blogging. After 2 weeks of hideous feeding and waking, he finally got diagnosed with oral thrush down the throat. He's been on the medicine a week and as of yesterday it didn't look like anything had improved. The doc took a swab on Fri so we will see if it has cleared or not. Today has been better and I think most of his discomfort from teething pain and I think perhaps he has got better at feeding and doesn't need as long to feed. This is all new territory for me now so I really just don't know. He is so distractable now though! Discretion is no longer an option! I really, really hope things can settle down for a while as I am exhausted.

Potty News!

Good news is Murray is dry during the day for wees. He's still not great at asking, but is completely dry and with a reminder goes on the loo quite the thing. I still have him in pull ups as he still hasn't mastered poos in the loo. We've moved from complete denial of doing a poo to him telling me he's done a poo after the event. Hopefully we'll move to him being able to let me know before hand, soon, but it'll happen when he's ready.


Easter was a bit weird - I was just plain exhausted. We were meant to have Al's folks over, but due to the crazy snow falling everywhere, his folks were snowed in, so they are coming on the 19th April instead. As such we went to my folks on Easter Sunday. My mum came with me to Mass and boy was I glad as it was crazy busy and the only seats were on the Altar and I could see Murray eyeing up the bell that is rung at Holy Communion! I must say he was v v good, but I was sweating and using al my teacher eye ball techniques! LOL!


Exercise had been going really well, but the past 2 weeks have taken a hit especially this week as my immune system finally gave up and I've ran out of gas and had to sleep and knock back paracetamol to ease the sinus pain (ouch). Swimming has got back up to 130 lengths though, so I'm pretty chuffed. Hopefully if we finally get some good weather I can get out on the bike????


I had planned to start Harris on solids this weekend, but the doc said to hold off util we get the throat sorted.  I spent the weekend steaming parsnips, carrots and butternut squash to go into ice cube trays in prep, so we're ready to go soon. I think we'll get Harris in his own room soon too, but I'd like to get him a bit more settled and also start him on solids first - only a few more weeks perhaps. I'm looking fwd to having our room back for sure! That said, I'm not looking fwd to trying to creep quietly past Murray's room if Harris is up, so I don't disturb him and then spend they next few hours trying to get Murray back to sleep!

Fingers crossed for a better week - Last week I'd had enough! An afternoon nap today has helped things a bit and Al taking both boys out for the first time since Harris was born (he's looked after them both in the house while I've been at the gym, but never taken them both out) has given me some space to breathe and recharge a little.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that :-) xx

  2. Hope wee Harris is cleared up soon and that you manage to get some rest, somehow. :-) Sounds like you've got your hands full.