Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow and Bed Time Routine.

We had our first snow today. A good day for it as Al was off, so while I was feeding Harris the boys headed out into the garden to play. Murray loved it! He loved the Hotchoc to warm up even more. It was his first taste of hotchoc and he loved it - no surprises there. I think I may have unleashed the hotchoc monster!!!!

Beautiful Snow!

Layer Up!!!!

Helping Daddy Clear the Snow

First Hotchoc!

Hotchoc Moustache


Harris was weighed today (6 weeks and 5 days). He's 10lbs 9oz. Only 5oz gain this week, so settled down a bit, which considering we've had a few nights of back to 12-1 feed plus 3-5 feed, I was a little surprised. Thankfully we have 2 nights of skipping the 12-1 feed again. I'm struggling to get sleep after that later feed though as H is so snuffly and snorty then and have de-camped to the sofa a few times as the disturbed nights are starting to take their toll now and I need the kip.


We seem to be establishing a bedtime routine (past week). It is a bit of a moveable feast as it depends on when he's hungry, Murray's bed time and whether Al is home to help or not. Some nights he has a bath before Murray and some nights after (Fri, when Al was working in Edinburgh and not home until 7.15pm) and some nights just top and tailed while Murray is in the bath and the fed anywhere between 7 and 7.30pm. We then put him down to settle himself. The first few nights took about an hour, but the past 2 have been fairly quick. We did have the other night where he woke up after an hour and screamed for more milk as the silly billy fell asleep mid feed. I'm hoping we won't have a repeat of that tonight as I could not wake him for love nor money to top up on the other side.

Breast Feeding

I love that feeding is going so well this time. I feel v lucky and blessed and it does give me a little kick inside, but there are times when I really wish Al could do a feed or two and I'm really starting to miss exercise and I'm wondering how I'm going to juggle it all. I would kill for a full night's sleep too, but I know it's not forever, but I think the initial adrenaline has worn out and I'm feeling pooped. Not aided by the fact I've had a sore throat/swollen gland and tonsils for 6 weeks now! Just a little run down me thinks! I'll work it out soon as I definitely need an endorphin hit soon!

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  1. Belated Congrats, Kaz! Your little boys are just beautiful. :)