Friday, December 14, 2012

8 Week Check and Jags.

Harris had his 8 week check yesterday. He was weighed and measured and generally checked over.

No slow weight gain this week - 11oz in 9 days! So he is now 11lbs 4.5oz. Good boy - well done.

Vital Stats

Harris: Weight: 11lb 4.5oz  - Between 25th + 50th percentlile
Murray: weight: 11lbs 14oz - 50th percentile

Harris: Length: 54.5cm - Between 2nd + 9th percentile
Murray: Length: 60cm - 75th percentile (although he then averaged out at between 25th and 50th percentile)

Harris: Head Circumference: 37.6cm - between 9th and 25th percentile
Murray: Head Circumference: 39.5cm - 75th percentile

Looking at these stats - I'm realising why it was hard to keep up with Murray especially given that he struggled so much to feed!

It looks like Harris not only looks like my side of the family, but is more petite too - still a hungry boy though!

He tracked a green ball and responded  to loud noises and gave the Health visitor a lovely smile. He also had to get his first set of jags - oooooh! I know they'll be OK, but it still gets you. His wee cry was unlike his normal I'm hungry cry - so pleading! Too sad, but far better that than get any of those awful illness especially Whooping cough of which there is an epidemic at mo.

As a result of the jags he's been a bit off for the past few days, but hopefully will settle down again soon.


Murray is struggling a little sharing mummy at mo. I think he's realised that Harris is staying forever and that mummy is not only his. As a result I'm hoping to get some Murray and mummy time over the Christmas break. I think it is a stage in his development too and they've both come at the same time. He's feeling really unsettled, wee lamb. He's not wanted to go to nursery  and he loves it and he keeps saying: 'I want to go home' even when he is home and so I've worked out it means: ' I want/need a cuddle'. Lots of cuddles, telling him we love him, some activities just for him, but firm boundaries and being clear when he's had time with me/Al and when it is Harris' time will be the order of the next few weeks until he's reassured me thinks. Sounds easy doesn't it! ;-)

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