Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

We got the tree and decorations out today and it was so fun to decorate the tree with Murray. He was really helpful and really enjoyed it. I'm loving him in his long John and T-shirt combo - too cute! Murray calls the Christmas Tree, Chemistry! Too cute and I love it (or as Murray would say - my love it)!

Love this pic of Harris this morning sporting his gorgeous cardy knitted by Al's Aunty Jane. He fell asleep on Murray's bed and stayed that way for an hour while Murray and Al crashed and banged about playing in Murray's room! Love how second children learn to fall asleep anywhere.

Breast Feeding.

Today has been a good feeding day - each feed has taken about 20 mins and he has taken one side only after that 20 mins and has then been done - when it normally takes about an hour including winding, I've barely known myself. I would LOVE if that continued as Murray could cope with 20 mins, but 1 hour is a bit much for him to stay out of mischief, plus I have had so much more time to do things - the whole house got cleaned today as well as food shopping and church! The last feed took the hour again, but I think that was mainly because he was pretty sleepy and kept nodding off and waking - if it helps him to sleep longer, I can cope!

Naughty Spot.

I'm v glad last week is over - Murray was a bit sick last weekend and while he was loads better by Monday his behaviour was awful all week - I've noticed this before - as he gets better but is still really tired he is v challenging. On Wed, I was a yucky mummy, so by Thursday I decided no more grumping, it was simply v firm boundaries and naughty pen. I had to adjust the naughty pen to spot when he thought it was great fun to start climbing out of the pen. My heart sank at the tought of this, but we have progressed to being able to do the naughty spot with only a few returns. He is a bit cute while on the spot as he pleads 'My be a good boy!' but he is made to do his time and certainly behaviour has improved again and if it deteriorates, it's straight back to the spot. I'm actually really glad to have made the transition as the spot can be anywhere and I don't need to lift him upstairs!

Christmas Shopping.

Al is off tomorrow and my folks are looking after Murray to let us get some serious Christmas shopping done. I'm feeling a bit more prepared but would like to have all done by tomorrow as we travel up to see my sis and bro in law on the 22nd to 23rd and the next couple of weeks are going to be v busy with Christmas parties/activities.

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